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Amalgam is a mixture of mercury, silver, tin, or zinc that's used in dentistry to fill holes in teeth. Amalgam is often used for repairing teeth that have cavities because it does not require the removal of any tooth structure. The Dental Amalgam Tray Instrument Set is a complete set of instruments for placing amalgams and temporary restorations. It is the perfect tool for the quick and easy set-up of your Amalgam Trays. Including 13 instruments total, this product gives you everything you need to get started with a dental procedure that includes amalgam fillings quickly and efficiently. Benefits of Dental Amalgam Tray Instrument Set  With advancements in dentistry come many different materials and procedures. Amalgam tray instrument set is simply a means when caring for and lessens the risks of cavities and tooth decay. It includes all the necessary instruments to carry out such routine procedures. The product can be used by both experienced practitioners as well as beginners in

P.K. Thomas Waxing Instrument Set

Dental wax is a great solution for orthodontic patients who need to use appliances such as braces and dentures. This will temporarily cover the protruding piece, protecting your mouth's soft tissues with toothpaste that can stick well in place without biting down too ha rd on it! This set is a great dental workstation tool that can be used to create wax models of teeth for dentists. It has all the tools needed to process and shape the model. The P.K. Thomas Waxing Instrument Set Goes Above and Beyond Standards You Expect to Get at the Low Price you Pay. The hard plastic case containing 5 instruments should be more than enough to get started on your own. With colors coded by type, it is easy for beginners -or experts- to know just which tool is needed when the mood strikes!  Benefits of using P.K. Thomas Waxing Instrument Set P.K. Thomas Wax Dental Set has many benefits when it comes to dental care: It is a safe and effective way to clean teeth. It is made up of materials that are s

Key thing to consider for successfully extracting teeth where the periodontal ligament lacks mobility - Dental Elevator Kit

The Dental Elevator Kit is an essential surgical instrument for successfully extracting teeth where the periodontal ligament lacks mobility. With a range of sizes to accommodate even your complex cases, these quality tools are autoclavable. Whether you're working with receding gums on molars of wisdom tooth extraction cases or trying to extract a difficult impacted wisdom tooth in children-these newfangled gadgets will help you out levering things up with less fuss. This kit has a variety of tools for dental students and professionals alike, including different tip widths to deal with varying root complexities. The set’s most useful feature is how to use instructions on the use of each instrument properly. Benefits of Dental Elevator Kit A dental elevator is an instrument that is used to elevate a tooth or bone in order for the desired object to be placed under it or remove the tooth. It has benefits such as making treatment much easier and more precise because the bone below the t