Tiltable and Adjustable Mouth Mirror for Oral Inspection and Photography

Are you looking for an easy way to see what’s going on in your patients’ mouths? If so, a dental tiltable mouth mirror may be the perfect tool for you. The dental tiltable mouth mirror is an essential tool for dentists. It allows them to see inside the […]

Dental Intra Oral Photo Mirror

 A dental intraoral photo mirror is a device that can be used to take photos of the inside of your mouth. This type of mirror is typically mounted on a stand and comes with an LED light that provides illumination for taking photos or has a handle for […]


The Osung USA system uses the most advanced fog-free intraoral photography mirror system available to doctors and patients. The dual intelli-fans that circulate air across the mirror’s surface allow for ultraslow shutter speeds so you can capture more photographic detail. Osung utilizes 3 LED lights, as opposed to […]