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Dental Tartar Scraper And Remover Set

What is Dental Tartar and why does it build up on teeth? Dental tartar is a sticky substance that builds upon the surface of teeth due to prolonged exposure to plaque. It is a yellow to a brownish-yellow substance that builds up on teeth. It usually includes a plaque, food particles, and bacteria. Disease-causing bacteria thrive best in warm, moist environments. The enamel covering tooth surfaces has microscopic pits and valleys which provide nooks for this type of bacteria to grow. Tartar accumulates even faster if saliva isn't sufficient enough in washing away food debris and the sticky tar-like layers of plaque from chewing surfaces - such as when eating potato chips, popcorn, gum, or iced teas with sugar. What does dental tartar do? Dental tartar provides a perfect environment for plaque formation. Plaque is visible as a white coating on the teeth right below the gum line, which once established is difficult to remove by brushing alone. The tartar can cause discoloration, disin


The Autogenous Bone Graft Harvesting Kit is a surgical device that helps in the process of harvesting autogenous bone grafts from the patient's own body. Bone grafting is a common dental procedure. This kit includes all the tools you need to make your next surgery easy!  Autogenous bone graft harvesting kits are usually used by dental surgeons in order to complete the procedure for autogenous bone graft harvesting. Such kits typically include the most common dental surgery instruments needed for these types of procedures in addition to the equipment necessary in preparing the site, care in handling and transporting bones, and fixation appliances. Benefits of Autogenous Bone Graft Harvesting Kit  It has the potential to save a lot of money and provide more continuity in care.  Graft harvesting kits allow for individuals that are preparing the bone, to use the same tools over again, making it cost-effective. An autogenous bone graft harvesting kit provides a minimally invasive, inexp