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What you should know about using diamond burs for your dental practice?

     Diamond burs are typically used for precision shaping and polishing. They're able to work on any surface, even those that have been polished. They can remove stains, polish teeth and perform cutting functions.      Diamond burs are made using various grit size diamond granules. Diamond is much harder than many other types of metal or stone. This means that it will not wear down as quickly and can be used for longer periods without having to change out the bur for a new one. Fine Grit Diamond burs also have softer edges which allows for smooth finishes. Benefits:      Dental diamond burs offer many benefits over their counterparts and should be considered by dentists and dental labs for use on harder surfaces. Diamond burs are more durable and last longer. Diamond burs are designed to cut through the hardest dental materials. Lab Technicians who use diamond burs report improved accuracy when cutting teeth. The cost of using natural dental diamond burs is usually lower because t