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Dental Intra Oral Photo Mirror

  A dental intraoral photo mirror is a device that can be used to take photos of the inside of your mouth. This type of mirror is typically mounted on a stand and comes with an LED light that provides illumination for taking photos or has a handle for ease of use. These mirrors are most often used by dentists, orthodontists, and other medical professionals who provide oral care services. The use of an intraoral photo mirror has become more popular in recent years as it allows healthcare professionals to capture images from angles that would otherwise not be possible without turning the head or opening the mouth wide enough to allow room for a hand-held camera.  This is a tool for use during procedures such as scaling, root planing, flossing, teeth cleaning, etc. because it gives the intraoral specialist an accurate representation of hard-to-reach areas that cannot be seen with typical mirrors or handheld instruments. There are many types available so you can find one based on what you


The Osung USA system uses the most advanced fog-free intraoral photography mirror system available to doctors and patients. The dual intelli-fans that circulate air across the mirror’s surface allow for ultraslow shutter speeds so you can capture more photographic detail. Osung utilizes 3 LED lights, as opposed to just one halogen bulb, in order to spotlight details of your mouth and take brighter pictures. Lastly, this soft grip handle features a cordless design for easier storage and use in any room or location.      The FOG FREE INTRA ORAL PHOTO SYSTEM, DMBF-110 is a dental photography device which allows patients to take high quality images of their teeth and gums. At the moment, it's the only medical imaging device on the market that offers a digital transfer process for images.      It can be used by healthcare practitioners in order to produce an easy to evaluate set of clinical pictures. This has made it possible for dentists all over the world to identify risks at an early