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Introducing Osung USA’s Sinus Membrane Lifting System - a revolutionary approach to sinus problems, especially if you have had issue with other remedies in the past. This is an innovative and convenient solution that will power through infected areas without damaging surrounding tissue. It can be used to drill holes in the bone of your skull. The way this system works, it's composed with a special Drill programmed to react automatically when pressure is delivered on the tip of its head - by drilling into place and lifting up membranes around sinuses without any need for human intervention! This patented technology eliminates any need for manual control and offers fast drilling speed while providing precise movements. Osung USA provides effective relief by improving drainage through natural percutaneous (through skin) access to chronically blocked or infected sinuses in an outpatient setting without surgical intervention. It is a vacuum assisted mini surgical procedure that invol


     Implant Osung Sinus Lift Crestal Kit is designed to safely and conveniently lift the sinus membranes in the maxillary region from a crestal approach. This kit includes all of what you need for a successful procedure, including implant, hydro-dissection device, syringe driver chamber with mounting plate and needle protection device.      Aqua Lift was developed to help dentists and doctors provide a more comfortable experience for their patients. The product is designed to help reduce swelling and pain in the sinus cavity, making it easier for your dentist or doctor to complete any necessary dental work. Aqua Lift works by adding water pressure that will force air out of the sinuses, which means there's less room for blood or pus to get trapped inside. It also reduces bleeding from an extraction site, so you can have a better experience with your next visit!      This Kit is easy-to-use; just place it over the tooth being treated and turn on the device. You'll feel rel