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P.K. Thomas Waxing Instrument Set

Dental wax is a great solution for orthodontic patients who need to use appliances such as braces and dentures. This will temporarily cover the protruding piece, protecting your mouth's soft tissues with toothpaste that can stick well in place without biting down too ha rd on it! This set is a great dental workstation tool that can be used to create wax models of teeth for dentists. It has all the tools needed to process and shape the model. The P.K. Thomas Waxing Instrument Set Goes Above and Beyond Standards You Expect to Get at the Low Price you Pay. The hard plastic case containing 5 instruments should be more than enough to get started on your own. With colors coded by type, it is easy for beginners -or experts- to know just which tool is needed when the mood strikes!  Benefits of using P.K. Thomas Waxing Instrument Set P.K. Thomas Wax Dental Set has many benefits when it comes to dental care: It is a safe and effective way to clean teeth. It is made up of materials that are s