The Autogenous Bone Graft Harvesting Kit is a surgical device that helps in the process of harvesting autogenous bone grafts from the patient’s own body.

Bone grafting is a common dental procedure. This kit includes all the tools you need to make your next surgery easy! 

Autogenous bone graft harvesting kits are usually used by dental surgeons in order to complete the procedure for autogenous bone graft harvesting. Such kits typically include the most common dental surgery instruments needed for these types of procedures in addition to the equipment necessary in preparing the site, care in handling and transporting bones, and fixation appliances.

Benefits of Autogenous Bone Graft Harvesting Kit 

  • It has the potential to save a lot of money and provide more continuity in care. 

  • Graft harvesting kits allow for individuals that are preparing the bone, to use the same tools over again, making it cost-effective.

  • An autogenous bone graft harvesting kit provides a minimally invasive, inexpensive, and easy-to-use system for the surgeon.

  • It has the potential to save a lot of money and provide more continuity.

  • Increased graft to ridge preservation.

  • Added stability at the harvest site.

  • Easier resection of graft site due to less soft tissue involvement.

  • Increased patient comfort at harvest site because of decreased bleeding, vascular injury, or nerve injury.

  • Decreased sensitivity in the donor area.

  • Able to produce good grafts in conjunction with external bone grafting, which is not always possible using other methods.

Instruments include in Autogenous Bone Graft Harvesting Kit 

A bone graft harvesting kit usually contains an assortment of up to 10 instruments which are used by a surgeon to prepare and harvest donor bones for reimplantation. Some of the most important tools in the kit include:

  1. Dental Orban Knife, Periodontal

A dental Orban knife, periodontal is a surgical instrument used for cutting hard gummy matter from the back of a tooth’s root. It has many applications in dentistry besides just extractions.

It’s an angled blade with a shank that allows the dentist to use one hand for holding it, freeing up their other hand. Generally, the blade is attached perpendicularly to the handle. This means they are most useful at spots where access behind teeth becomes limited, such as near wisdom teeth.

  1. Graft Packer

A dental bone graft packer is a surgical instrument used to cut through hard or dense bone in human and animal anatomy. When used properly it cuts cleanly without splintering the ends of the incision. The depths are marked at 8-11-13-15-18mm, Made of Titanium, Tips Diameter 3.3mm/4mm.

  1. Implant Bone Carrier

A dental implant bone graft carrier is used to place the necessary materials for either an amalgam or bone filling in patients at their site. This large jumbo size has outer diameter measurements of 3.5 mm and 3.9 mm, making it perfect as both types of tooth replacement solutions! The steel material makes this product durable enough so you can use these carriers on multiple teeth without worrying about breaking anything.

  1. Dental Periosteal Elevator

Periosteal Elevator is a surgical tool used to separate tissue from tooth or bone. The spoon blade length measures 8.2 mm, and it has an open hole in the middle of its design which helps with holding onto what you are trying to cut off so that there’s less chance for movement during surgery.

  1. Needle Holder, Crile Wood, Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten carbide needle holders are perfect for medical professionals who need to have durable tools that can withstand tough environments. The metal tungsten, in particular, is more resistant than stainless steel alone and is usually found on the shelf of a sharps container! It has an extra-long 160mm length with small tips so they will fit most insulin pens without having any problems whatsoever.

  1. LaGrange Scissor, Compound Curved

The Scissor is a precision-crafted cutting tool with German medical-grade stainless steel. The blade will stay sharp through repeated uses and sterilizations, making it perfect for use in dentistry or any other industry where cleanliness matters. It has an overall length of 115 mm– just enough to get the job done without having too much excess material that could potentially cause damage during operation.

The compound curve on the blades of a Lagrange scissor allows for easy access to areas such as the oral cavity, which has an irregular shape and limited mobility. 

  1. Adson Tissue Plier

The Adson tissue plier is a great tool for gripping wires with ease. The 150mm length provides the user ample reach and its wide shape makes sure you won’t strain your hands on anyone material, as this will likely lead to injury if attempted before using these awesome instruments! A knurled handle ensures positive handling no matter how much weight or force comes into contact with them while also being very durable so they don’t break easily at all.

  1. Tiltable Scalpel Handle

The Tiltable Scalpel Handle is a specialized dental instrument that has two different angles which provide the user with versatility. For instance, if someone needs to remove sharp edges on a tooth, the symmetrical angle allows the blade to be oriented in an appropriate manner for this task.

The tilting head gives you high control over holding last access, better visibility of the surgical area, and induces a higher degree of accuracy. It is very advantageous when using versatile instruments for various operations in oral surgery. Furthermore, it makes it possible to perform multi-stage tasks during one session without time-consuming changes in blade angles because all blades are within reach within one revolution around the head body joint.

  1. Cortical Bone Scraper

The Cortical Bone Scraper is a manual, cutting device for harvesting bone that has been designed with the most advanced technology. It contains 360 degrees of rotation and four sharp edges to maximize efficiency when removing tissue from your patients quickly and easily! It comes in a sterile pouch ready to use!

  1. Instrument Cassette, 16 Capacity

In order to give the best possible outcome during periodontal and implant surgery, this cassette has been designed. It’s spacious enough for 16 surgical instruments as well as holders for scissors or other tools that function similarly in use- so you don’t have to find yourself constantly switching out products mid-procedure! The silicone pad covers it all up safely while also preventing things from getting scratched by rocking back forth when opening/closing the lock with a spring system on either side allowing easy access without any mechanical failures whatsoever.

The size of this cassette is 305 x 210 x 34H mm. It has an open space for multiple forceps and elevators to help you perform delicate surgeries without difficulty!

Does an Autogenous Bone Graft Harvesting Kit really save time and effort for dentists?

Yes, this kit really does save time and effort for dentists. One of the best things about this kit is that it has everything you need to pre-benchmark your procedure making for faster, more precise surgery with less trial and error than traditional instrumentation.


An Autogenous Bone Graft Harvesting Kit is a cost-effective way to provide continuity in care for bone surgery. It provides a minimally invasive, inexpensive, and easy-to-use system for the surgeon.

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