Dental Periosteal Elevators: Surgical Instruments for Teeth Cleaning

Dental periosteal elevators are surgical instruments that are used to remove tissue from around teeth. They have a sharp blade at one end that is used to cut the tissue and a blunt end that is used to push the tissue aside. There are several different types of periosteal elevators, each of which has a different shape and size. Dentists use periosteal elevators to remove calculus, plaque, and other dental debris from around teeth. Periosteal elevators are also used to prepare teeth for root canal therapy and other dental procedures.

Dental Periosteal Elevator is a precision instrument used to surgically remove excess bone or other material from around teeth. The thin, curved blade is inserted between the tooth and gum tissue, allowing the surgeon to gently pry the tissue away from the tooth. The Elevator is also useful for removing ligaments or other soft tissues from around teeth.

Benefits of Using a Dental Periosteal Elevator

Some of the benefits of using the periosteal elevator include:

  • Ability to remove soft tissue and bone from around teeth quickly and easily.
  • Can be used to loosen teeth for removal.
  • Safe to use with minimal risk of injury or damage.
  • It provides better visualization of the underlying bone structure, which can be helpful in assessing damage or planning surgery.
  • Periosteal Elevators are designed to provide optimal comfort and control to the user. They are also ergonomically designed with a slim profile that fits easily into the hand, making them easier to use. 
  • It helps to loosen and separate the periosteum from the bone, making it easier to cut or remove.
  • It can reduce trauma and damage to the surrounding tissue.

What does a Dental Periosteal Elevator do?

A dental periosteal elevator is a surgical instrument used to separate the tissues that attach the tooth to the bone. It is also commonly used to remove impacted wisdom teeth. The elevator has a curved blade with a sharp edge that is inserted into the tissue between the tooth and the bone. The blade is then lifted upward, separating the tissue from the tooth and bone.

How to use a Dental Periosteal Elevator?

A dental periosteal elevator is a tool used by dentists to pry open the gum tissues surrounding the teeth. It is inserted into the space between the gum and tooth and then gently twisted in a back-and-forth motion in order to separate the two tissues.

The periosteal elevator is especially useful for removing calculus (tartar) from around the teeth, as well as for performing root canals. It is important to be careful when using this tool, however, as it can easily damage the gum tissue if used too aggressively.

When to use a Dental Periosteal Elevator?

A dental periosteal elevator is typically used to remove the periosteum (a thin membrane of fibrous connective tissue that covers bone) from a bone. This can be useful when attempting to access the bone surface for drilling or placement of a dental implant.

The periosteum can also be detached with a scalpel, but using a periosteal elevator is thought to be less traumatic and causes less damage to the surrounding tissue. When looking for a dental periosteal elevator, it’s important to make sure that the blade is at a right angle to the shaft so that it can smoothly cut through the periosteum.

Precautions when using a Dental Periosteal Elevator

A dental periosteal elevator is a delicate instrument and, if used improperly, may cause damage to the tissues. Some general precautions to take when using this tool include:

  • Make sure the beveled end of the elevator is pointing toward the tooth being lifted.
  • Apply pressure gradually and evenly to the surface of the tooth being lifted.
  • Avoiding sudden jerking motions.
  • Not using excessive force when elevating a tooth.


This dental periosteal elevator is perfect for elevating the periosteum during extractions. It is easy to use and very effective. The sharp blade makes it easy to get under the periosteum, and the comfortable grip ensures a steady hand.

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