Dental Amalgam Carrier: A High Quality Solution for Your Dental Needs

Dental amalgam is a liquid mercury-based alloy used by dentists to fill cavities in teeth. It has been used for dental restoration for over 150 years and is still considered one of the most effective and durable materials available. Mercury makes up approximately 50% of dental amalgam by […]

Dental Gingicord Packer: Prosthodontic Equipment for Efficient Gingival Retraction Cord Placement

Dentist, have you ever wished you had a third hand to help hold the packing material in place while you packed a cavity? With the Dental Gingicord packer, now you can! This clever little tool is designed to make packing cavities easier and faster. It has a long, […]

High Quality Black Diamonds for Smooth and Easy Dentistry – Composite Resin Instrument

Dental composite is a synthetic resin that is used to fill in cavities. It can also be used to restore decayed teeth. The composite is made of plastic and glass particles and it comes in a variety of colors. When it is first placed in the tooth, the […]

PRF and GRF Box: A Revolutionary Treatment for the Dental Community

If you’re a dentist, then you’ve probably heard of PRF (platelet rich fibrin) and GRF (growth factor rich fibrin). These materials are used in various dental procedures to help promote healing. But what are they, and how do they work? Dentists have a variety of materials at their […]

The Amazing Dental Gingival Retractor: How This Instrument Protects Tissue

Looking for an instrument to protect tissue during cavity preparations? Look no further than the dental gingival retractor! This handy tool will help you keep your patients safe and sound while ensuring a successful dental procedure. This dental retractor protects tissue during cavity preparations and placement of composite […]

Precision-Crafted Rongeur: The Ultimate Tool for Alveolar Bone Removal

Dentists rely on a variety of tools to perform their jobs effectively. One such tool is the rongeur, which is specifically designed for alveolar bone removal. This precision-crafted instrument can make the process of removing teeth much easier and faster for dentists. They come in a variety of […]

Dental Root Picker: Remove Debris After Tooth Extraction with Superior Grip

After you have a tooth extraction, it is important to remove any debris that may be left in the socket. A dental root picker can provide a superior grip to remove any stubborn bits of bone or tissue. With its curved design, this handy tool can get into […]