Why every dentist needs a Bone Spreader

If you’re a dentist, dental surgeon, or any other profession that works with the human mouth, dental bone spreaders might already be in your arsenal of tools. As essential and indispensable pieces of equipment for these types of professions, dentists rely on these specialized tools to gain better access to oral cavities during surgery – right down to the smallest crevices. In this blog post, we’ll explore what dental bone spreaders are and why they are so important.

Bone spreaders are an indispensable tool in implant surgery, allowing for precise and optimal access to even the most poorly exposed alveolar bones. With our combination of mallet and bone chisel, surgeons can easily create fractures before expanding them through the use of the spreader. This effective instrument is designed with a specially crafted, oversized T-bar handle so that minimal exertion is required while handling it. Finally, with its 2.8 mm diameter working end, this device effortlessly widens alveolar bones for easy implant placement.

Composition of Dental Bone Spreader

A dental bone spreader is a device used by dentists during oral surgery. It is designed to carefully maneuver and separate the bones in order to gain access to areas around the teeth, gums and jawbone.

The composition of a dental bone spreader can vary depending on its purpose, but typically consists of a sharp, beveled blade on one end and an oversize T-bar handle on the other. The sharply tapered tip of the blade helps cut through tough tissue while its slightly curved body is designed for smoother navigation in confined spaces.

The oversize T-bar handle allows for easy handling with less effort from the practitioner – perfect for those who suffer from hand fatigue or joint pain. Additionally, the strategically placed ridges on either side of the handle enable more control when depressing soft tissues against hard surfaces.

The main body of most dental bone spreaders is made from stainless steel which provides an ideal balance between strength, flexibility and durability while remaining safe for medical instruments due to its resistance to corrosion and rusting..To add extra convenience, most spreaders are autoclavable so you can reuse them without compromising sterility standards. 

Benefits of Dental Bone Spreader

Dental bone spreaders are highly useful and beneficial instruments that help in dental procedures such as exodontia, or tooth extraction. The benefits of using this device are numerous:  

  1. The most significant benefit of using a dental bone spreader is its ability to access difficult areas with greater accuracy than conventional tools 
  2. This instrument features an oversize T-bar handle, providing less effort when handling delicate instruments during extraction procedures.
  3. Due to its precision and effectiveness in breaking down periodontal tissues quickly and accurately without trauma or injury to surrounding structures makes it an invaluable tool for oral surgeons performing tooth extractions within tight spaces inside the patient’s mouth.
  4. Its design allows easy manipulation around teeth, roots and small crevices without causing damage to adjacent anatomical structures; 
  5. The wide range of tip sizes available enables it to be used effectively on both hard and soft tissue; 
  6. As a result of its slim profile, it can maneuver through narrow spaces with ease;  
  7. Its sharpness ensures that the incision made by the blade is cleanly cut preventing any tearing or jagged edges that could cause further damage from happening; 
  8. The instrument’s structure also ensures that less force needs to be used when opening up tissue so fewer complications will arise during procedures.   
  9. Most importantly, due to its lightweight construction dental bone spreaders do not cause fatigue while being used over extended periods of time.  

Overall, if you are looking for a tool which combines effectiveness with comfort then this instrument should definitely be considered as part of your arsenal!

How does Dental Bone Spreader work?

A dental bone spreader is an orthodontic instrument used to widen the alveolar ridge by mechanically separating and pushing back the two adjacent maxillary or mandibular bones. It is typically used when installing dental implants, as adequate space must be created for proper implant placement.

The device works by gradually moving bones (or compacted tissue) away from each other in a radial fashion in order to gain access and create space between them. Since bony ridges on the upper and lower jaws are not always equal, they sometimes need to be pushed or pulled apart before implants can be installed without damaging adjacent teeth or bone structures during the procedure.

What are the uses of Dental Bone Spreaders?

Dental bone spreaders are surgical instruments used by dentists and oral surgeons to separate the bones around a tooth during root canal surgery. They are designed to spread and guide the separation of closely approximated bony walls in order to allow access for other dental instruments which may be needed during the procedure. The use of dental bone spreaders helps maximize efficiency while reducing patient trauma, pain, and discomfort.

The main uses for dental bone spreaders include: preparing the site for root canal therapy; widening or enlarging a tooth socket prior to extracting a tooth; increasing visibility within areas where surrounding structures limit vision; providing guidance or support during implant treatment; helping protect adjacent structures from injury during endodontic surgery; allowing for better accessibility when manipulating an impacted third molar or wisdom tooth, and improving freedom-of-movement when moving soft tissue away from a site before carrying out suturing techniques. 

Tips for using Dental Bone Spreader

Using a Dental Bone Spreader is an important part of many dental procedures. Careful and correct use can make the difference between success and failure for some treatments, so it’s important to know how to use one correctly. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your Dental Bone Spreader:

  1. Perform a thorough examination of the area where you plan to use the spreader before beginning any procedure
  2. Select a spreader size best suited for your particular procedure. 
  3. Once you’ve found an appropriate tool, insert it slowly into position at a moderate angle; this is to help ensure accuracy with regards to spreading it safely and evenly throughout the target site without compromising adjacent dental structures.
  4. When fully inserted in place, operate your spreader using light but steady pressure rather than force so as not to damage surrounding tissues due too much pressure from being overzealous in application.
  5. Finally, always take care to sterilize devices after each individual usage.

Precautions before using Dental Bone Spreader

When using a dental bone spreader, safety should always be the top priority. Before use, there are several precautions you should take to ensure an effective and safe procedure.

  • First and foremost, it is important to make sure that your patient’s mouth is properly anesthetized with a local anesthetic prior to starting the procedure. This helps minimize any discomfort or pain for your patient as well as helping you have more control over the process of spreading the bone. 
  • Be sure to check both sides of your dental bone spreader for sharp edges before using them as they can cause damage when used during insertion and manipulation into a patient’s jawbone area where nerves may be exposed due to defective teeth extraction or prior injury/surgery. 
  • Make sure that your instrument has no loose parts or corrosion which may lead to some friction while working in this sensitive area; such friction could result in cuts on soft tissues or even nerve injuries leading to facial paralysis if not handled correctly by experienced personnel only!
  • Lastly, dispose of all contaminated instruments immediately after use.


The Dental Bone Spreader is a highly-effective and versatile tool used in a wide range of dental procedures, from implant placement to more involved oral surgeries. It is designed to provide precision and accuracy while sparing neighboring tissue when performing delicate operations. To ensure the highest degree of success during treatments, it should be paired with the right equipment and materials. 
For those looking for an efficient yet gentle tool in keeping with safety protocols regarding care quality standards, look no further than the Dental Bone Spreader.

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