Basic Dental Implant Surgery Kit: Explaining Tools, Steps and Benefits

    The Basic Dental Implant Surgery Kit includes the most commonly used instruments required during an implant procedure. With 23 essential surgical tools, the practitioner gets selected items that they will use regularly in the procedures. 

    A dental implant surgery kit is a must-have for any implant dentist. It’s basically an all-inclusive package that includes the necessary tools and instruments needed for implant surgery. In this post, we’ll discuss what tools you need in your surgery kit, as well as how it’s used during the actual procedure!

Benefits of using Dental Implant Surgery Kit

  • Basic Dental Implants Surgery Kit offers all the hand tools needed for implant surgery.

  • With the Basic Dental Implants Surgery Kit, you can save time and money on your dental surgery procedures. 

  • You can also be more confident in your implant procedures, as you have the best tools needed to perform implant surgery.

  • It’s important to invest in a dental implant kit that will help improve your quality of service!

  • The Basic Dental Implants Surgery Kit is high-quality and affordable.             

  • It was designed to meet the needs of implant surgery professionals and is perfect for general dental practices.

Tools included in Implants Surgery Kit

    The Basic Dental Implant Surgery Kit has all of the instruments you need for a successful procedure. It includes 23 common dental tools, which makes this kit perfect in any situation!

    These tools are:

1. Rear Surface Mirror

    The mirror is for checking dental diagnostic features in posterior molar teeth. It can also be used with other dental hand instruments to explore the depth during cavity preparations.

    Among dental professionals, they are not only useful for looking into cavities but also detecting more details about conditions that exist between teeth, or acting as a spotlight when dentists carry out certain surgical procedures under difficult conditions such as where there is not enough space for an overhead light.

2. Dental Ex-Probe

    The Ex- Probe is a stainless steel-handled combination instrument that is an excellent diagnostic tool for dentists to use with their patient’s mouth. There are two ends: an explorer tip and the other end has markings at 1mm all way up until 10mm in distance from each other which makes this very helpful when performing different types of examinations such as diagnosis or treatment options among other things like checking tooth position before beginning any procedures on your mouth due to carelessness can cause irreparable damage so make sure you’re always aware what type it could be by looking carefully at where these numbers start showing because they do change drastically from time to time.

3. Dental Surgical Curette CL 88 -URCM10

    The curette is a surgical instrument designed for scraping or debriding biological tissue, and this one comes with 24mm of length. The tip has 4.5mm which makes it perfect for most teeth sockets!


    The high-quality curettage, cyst removal, and debridement of the tooth socket are done with this surgical instrument.

4. Dental Surgical Curette, Prichard, 1-2

    The Prichard Surgical Curette is an excellent tool for removing granulation tissue and tenacious subgingival deposits. It has a 7.5″ long shaft with 1.5mm wide working ends that have been ground at 45 degrees to make them easier on your mouth, making it more comfortable than other curettes in this range of sizes we offer!

    The handle itself is made out of surgical stainless steel which will never wear or break from use like cheaper materials can do over time – so you don’t need another expensive instrument just because yours got lost one day or broke while changing tips during surgery.

    It’s lightweight makes handling much less tiring as well. 

5. Scalpel Handle, Straight

    A scalpel is a versatile tool that can be used for many purposes. The surgical blade of the instrument has been responsible for saving lives on countless occasions, but it has also played an important role in our artistic and creative endeavors as well! Its ergonomic shape makes holding one easy even when wearing gloves; this feature may seem like a small detail – until you remember how much more difficult cutting with traditional knives would have been if not done using precision instruments such as scalpels that are designed specifically to do just what we need them too.

    Some scalpels are disposable and others can be reused. Reusable blades have a permanently attached plastic handle that is sharpened or single-use, removable blades with handles made from metal for more precise work.

6. Dental Periosteal Elevator Selden

    The handle of Dental Periosteal Elevator Selden bl
ends into the blade making it easy to find within a crowded tool tray. There are two blades on their handles. The blades of Dental Periosteal Elevator Selden are 10mm and 13mm long, respectively. They’re used to remove tissue from teeth or bone, as well as to keep it away.


    The Periosteal Elevator is a tool that dental assistants use to lift the full-thickness soft tissue flaps during procedures. It features two ends; one end being curved and thin while another has more blunt points for less traumatic manipulation of bone around teeth or nerves in your face!

7. Dental Surgical Curette, URCM2-4

    The Dental Surgical Curette has two tips. It is 3mm wide at one end and 7mm wide in the other position, making it perfect for removing tissue or debris from deep inside your mouth without having to cut anything with an instrument that could cause damage if used incorrectly.


    The URCM2-4 surgical curette is a high-quality product for cyst removal, debridement techniques such as molt and cavity treatment.

8. Dental Periosteal Elevator Prichard

    Elevator blades are used to separate tissue from teeth and bone, as well as hold it away from the surgical sites. They come in different lengths: 11mm for periosteal Elevators or 4.9 mm with a pricker blade.


    Elevators attach onto both periosteum which helps cut through hard areas. Prichard forceps gently grasp unwanted objects like hair follicles without crushing surrounding healthy cells -which may lead to further complications.                    

9. Dental Suction Tip, Titanium STT-4TI

    Suction Tip for Implant Surgeries made from Titanium to help achieve optimal results when using in implant surgery sessions.

    With an inner diameter of 4mm and a length between 2 – 3 inches, this suction tip will deliver the most vacuum power at your fingertips without sacrificing comfort or control!

    “ST” stands for Stainless Steel Tip and “TI” stands for Titanium Tip. Titanium has unique properties that are often needed in surgical instruments and implants for medical applications.

    Dental Suction Tip, Titanium is a disposable oral medical instrument made of Titanium for use in implant surgery. A dental suction tip is a small, rigid, cone-shaped device used to create a partial vacuum for sucking or drawing liquids from the oral cavity.

10. Dental Suction Tip, Titanium, STT-3TI

    The Suction Tip, Titanium STT-3TI is designed for implant surgery and will provide a tight seal with your teeth. The 3mm inner diameter makes this the perfect choice when you need extra precision during surgeries on hard-to-reach areas of your mouth like wisdom teeth removal or extractions in general dental work!

11. Dental Implant Bone Well

    Bone Well is a vital tool for dental procedures. It can be used with bone grafts, implants, and even veterinary surgery! Bone well provides superior grip to doctors’ fingers while they work on teeth or bones which makes it easier than ever before – no matter what procedure you need help performing.


    Dental implant bone well is made from 100% Medical Grade Stainless Steel. Constructed to last long, it’s least prone to corrosion and designed so that your hands will stay without slipping in them during a dental procedure performed by an experienced practitioner such as yourself! The superior finish for corrosion resistance also means this product has been sterilized at maximum levels before being packed with utmost care just prior to use.

12. Dental Anesthetic Syringe

    Anesthetic syringes are used to numb dental work instrumentation with anesthetic injections. They come in small, large, and proportionate sizes with the injection needle of appropriate size for each size. 

    A dental syringe is an instrument used for injecting anesthesia by dentists. It consists of a breech-loading, sealed cartridge containing the solution to render patients unconscious during their procedure. The tool that supplies water or mist into your mouth can also be referred to as “syringes” if it has been customized with some additional features like extra needle attachments and different flow rate settings which are based on what kind of substance you want to be delivered – whether air cannot reach deep enough due to too limited space accessible at certain angles from inside patient’s mouth.

13. Wide Pliers

    Pliers are used to gripping things firmly. Depending on the type of pliers, they can be used for shaping or cutting wire.

    The 150mm length of this item provides sufficient reach. The wide shape enables the grip of wires made from many different materials without over-straining or damaging wrists or hands. Knurled handle provides assuredly positive handling.

    There is the needle-nose type which is very thin with pointy ends that can reach into tight spaces easily if needed. Then there are heavy-duty types which are usually made of hardened steel and come in assorted sizes with straight edges on one side for cutting applications. And lastly, there are long-handled varieties that make overhead or hard-to-reach areas more accessible because your hands don’t get in the way.

14. Dean Scissor

    Dean Scissor, available with either a 6 3/4″ or 7-inch blade. It is a precision-crafted, German medical-grade stainless steel scissor for sterilizing and cutting. It’s designed to be used by professionals so they can have the utmost confidence in their work every time without worry that it will lose its edge or become dull over time due to improper care.

The Dean Scissor is a curved blade, measuring about 170mm in length. It has serration on one side to help prevent slippage during surgery and will not slip easily due to its textured surface design which grips any material from slipping through its grasp while cutting – especially when holding sutures still during stitch removal or closing wounds up tighter than they were before!

15. Backhaus Towel Clamp

    The Backhaus Towel Clamp is made from German-grade steel, and it can be used for grasping tissue or securing items like towels. The length of this grappling hook measures 135mm long – that means you’ll never have to worry about losing anything again with this design!

    These innovative products will save your dental practice time and money – it does not cost much to stock towels for your practice.

16. Needle Holder, Crile-Wood, Tungsten Carbide

    Tungsten carbide needle holders have extra-durable tips that are made with tungsten. This metal is more durable than stainless steel alone, making it perfect for use in medical settings where they need to last longer on the shelf and be able to stand up against tough environments like sharps containers! 

    The length of these 160mm needles makes them ideal when you’re looking at sewing or threading through tight spots; whether sticking someone’s nose back together after an accident.

17. Mosquito Hemostat, Curved

    The Mosquito Hemostat Curved is designed with an intuitive grip for more secure holding in sharp or deep wounds. The precision-crafted blade will stay sharp through multiple uses, and it can be safely sterilized without rusting thanks to German medical-grade stainless steel construction!

    The length of this item measures 5 inches or 12 cm so you can always have one on hand when needed!

18. Castroviejo Caliper

    The Castroviejo Caliper is the perfect tool for measuring small objects. It is the 30° angle caliper and gauges with a length of 90mm to measure from 0-40mm in scope.

    The Castroviejo Caliper is a dental instrument used as an orthodontic tool. Orthodontists use this instrument to measure the width and length of teeth as well as the open space available for proper treatment. This is particularly useful in situations wherein the teeth either overlap or if there may be potential problems with spacing between them.

    The caliper has two jaws that lock into place at a given angle and then release on sliding action, which has made it one of the most common and popular mechanical measurement instruments.

19. Adson Tissue Plier

    This high-quality fundamental surgical adjunct measures 120mm and is meant for general dental procedures. It’s constructed using stainless steel, which enhances the strength and makes it more durable, as well as precision ground teeth (1″x 2″) with pre-sharpened tips to make trimming easier. 

    Forceps are instruments that can be used to grasp and hold small objects. They’re especially helpful when the fingers on your hand are too large for holding many things at once. Forceps overlapping teeth make sure no part slip through its tight grip so it will stay securely fastened onto whatever might need holding…

20. Saline Bowl

    The purpose of the saline bowl is to help reduce germs and other infections in the mouth. Saline helps to:

  • Increase survival chances for oral cells (helps provide a moist environment)

  • Cleanse your teeth and clean between them 

  • Reduce bacterial growth which occurs when there is no saliva or an acidic environment.

21. Instrument Cassette

    The Instrument Cassette is a tool for periodontal and implant surgery. It has spaces to hold 16 surgical instruments, as well as separate holders for scissors or needle-holders that are covered with silicone pads so they don’t get damaged from rocking while in use. The locking mechanism employs spring locks which make opening the case easy without any mechanical failures!


    This instrument cassette also features an integrated ring system designed to prevent damage that occurs when rocked during use on patients’ teeth. The size of this cassette is 305 x 210 x 34H mm, with open space for multiple forceps and elevators.

22. Instrument Sterilization Wrap Cloth

    The Instrument Sterilization Wrap Cloth is designed for wrapping your instruments during the harsh and long process of sterilization. It has a medical-grade heavyweight fabric that measures 30 inches by 30 inches in size, making it large enough to cover most common surgical devices without hassle!

23. Surgical Cloth Cover with a magnetic strip

    A surgical cloth is a convenient drape for oral surgery. A magnet is inserted inside of the cloth to stick hinges-type instruments such as scissors, needle holders, and more! This is only for instruments that require magnets; this product has you covered up until surgery time. The size of this surgical cloth is 900mm x 900 mm ( 3 FT x 3 FT ).


    Basic Dental Implants Surgery Kit is the perfect solution for dentists who want to give their patients everything they need without going over budget or ordering extra items.


    Click on the buy now button, and you’ll get a discount on your purchase of the Basic Dental Implants Surgery Kit!

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