The Park’s Basic Dental Surgery Kit: A Step-by-Step Guide to Modern Dentistry

    Dentistry is a profession that has evolved over time and dental surgery kits have changed as well. Dr Park’s dental surgery kit, for example, includes all the dental tools you need to perform dental procedures in one compact case. Read on to learn more about this basic dental surgery kit, how it works and where it can be used!

    Dr. Park’s Basic Dental Surgery Kit is a great first option dental surgery kit for those who don’t need a lot of tools, but still want the quality and reliability that comes from hand selected instruments made from medical-grade stainless steel.

    Dr. Park has launched her line with this model as an affordable starter set that includes all the basics you would need to perform any type of basic oral surgery procedures. Included free in every purchase is the sterilization cassette which contains top shelf disinfectant solutions to ensure your patient is well cared for before proceeding or before continuing with care on another patient.

Instruments included in Dr.Park’s Basic Dental Surgery Kit

    Doctor Park’s Basic Dental Surgery Kit is a complete toolbox for orthodontic and endodontic (root canal and gum disease) and periodontal (gum tissue) dental surgery. The kit includes

Suction Tip

    To remove debris from the tooth or mouth that may be in the way of proper extraction.

Scalpel Handle

    Sharp blade used to cut the tissue during dental procedures. Scalpel handle is separate from a blade which can be replaced when blunt or broken.


    An explorer which looks like a dental mirror but has two sharp points at one end so it can push roots out away from bone while also protecting delicate gum tissue surrounding teeth root area known as alveolar ridge (bone pocket).

Dressing Plier

    Plier sometimes called forceps are made up of stainless steel jaws joined by hinge pin and locking screws allowing strong grip without crushing material being held between them such poles connected together through inner tube making unit easier to hold than if each element was separate.

Periosteal Elevator

    Used to remove bone tissue.

Needle Holder

    To hold dental floss during tooth extraction procedures.


    Useful in closing wounds after cutting vessels or tissues.


    Retractor blades which move back the surrounding skin from incisions while operating on a patient.


    Used for cutting dental floss and opening wounds after surgery. It is useful when making incisions with the use of anesthetic syringe which can be found within this kit as well.

Periodontal Knife

    To remove the gum tissue of patients.

Periodontal Chisel

    It is thin-edged flat instrument that can be sharpened or bent in order to perform different functions such as opening up access into periodontiums pockets or dissecting out fibrous attachments between roots and bone.

A Surgical Curette

    Used during root canal procedures in order to clean out pulp chambers from dead or infected tissues.

Benefits of using Dr.Park’s Basic Dental Surgery Kit

    Dr. Park’s kit has attracted both advanced practitioners and general dentists.These are some of the major benefits that come with Dr.Park’s kit:

  • It is cost effective, gives all the necessities for multiple while mouth operating sessions, and is an excellent value.
  • The kit includes high quality tools like dental pliers, forceps, explorer forceps, various burrs and root canal instruments for all your regular dental needs.
  • It is portable so can be carried to remote areas where oral health isn’t up to the mark.
  • It has stainless steel casings which minimizes chance of infections.
  • It offers multiple steps in one kit so you get an opportunity to perform more than one task at a time.
  • The kit is a good solution if you have a bad tooth, need to set it or extract it. It contains everything you may need for these procedures and no autoclave – just sterilize the tools with boiling water before using them.
  • This kit can be used by everyone from beginners to dentists.
  • The kit will be useful in case of emergencies because there are also gauze pads and antibiotic ointment included in the kit which help control bleeding and prevent infections.
  • The kit will stand out when improvisation is needed without a dentist’s clinic nearby; such as when travelling or due to any other unforeseen circumstances.
  • This dental surgery kit is a lifesaver for anyone who wants to be prepared and have access to dental tools in case of emergency.

How to use Dr.Park’s Basic Dental Surgery Kit?

Step 1:

    Use the scalpel to cut away all soft tissues and any hard tissue that will interfere with the access to those areas.

Step 2:

    Turn the scalpel on its side and use it as a cutting tool , make sure to work carefully around sensitive nerves and blood vessels.

Step 3:

    If your patient needs to be put under anesthesia at this point, place them in a secure position sedated.

Step 4:

    Once you reach the area of interest, use self-filing needle holders for more precise grasping of small anatomical areas such as teeth or roots if needed. Conduct all procedures gently without applying excessive pressure unless otherwise specified by your particular situation. Apply chilled water spray for a few seconds during dental surgery to numb sensitive nerves and relieve pain.

What precautions should be taken before using Dr.Park’s Basic Dental Surgery Kit?

    The following steps must be followed before any use of Dr.Park’s Basic Dental Surgery Kit:

  • Seal any opening in the package.
  • Only use the product in a sterile environment with sterilized instruments.
  • It is also important that you have gloves or an inert object to use when handling tools because if they are contaminated with your saliva, bacteria may be transferred to your mouth area during surgery.
  • A safe place that is free from children and pets has to be designated as the surgery site.
  • Remove all breakable objects.
  • Protect one surface by placing down several towels for use during clean up. 
  • Professional (clear) rubber gloves should always be worn when handling the products in this kit, unless instructed otherwise for a particular procedure. If it is necessary to remove gloves, parents or other caregiver should put on new gloves.
  • If you have a history of infection in your mouth do not use this kit as the lack of sterile materials may lead to dangerous infection.
  • It’s important to note that many drugs can inhibit blood clotting and prolong bleeding from minor suctions and suturing procedures- those taking blood thinners should consult with their doctor before using this product as well.
  • Finally professional instructions should always be followed when using this product.

Who can use Dr.Park’s Basic Dental Surgery Kit?

    Dr. Park’s Basic Dental Surgery Kit can be used by anyone with access to surgical instruments, including dentists, podiatrists (including certified Periodontal Medical Assistants), doctors of osteopathy, nurses, physician assistants and veterinarians. More specifically, the kit is designed for use on humans or animals in need of oral surgery or dental work for various reasons (including injury). The kit provides all the necessary tools to handle everything from simple extractions (removal) to complex tasks like closure of large oral wounds due to trauma. Dr. Park’s Basic Dental Surgery Kit enables medical professionals with surgical training but without formal sinus surgery knowledge the capability to perform life-saving dental procedures in various forms.

Why you should purchase Dr.Park’s Basic Dental Surgery Kit for your dental practice?

    Dr.Park’s dental surgery kit utilizes 100% disposable one-time use devices to practice oral surgical procedures which allow for safe training.

    All dental instruments are packaged in individual packets to ensure sterility. Every instrument is made from extremely durable material such as stainless steel or titanium, which is easy to sterilize and resistant to corrosion.

    Practitioners can safely enact all of the procedures necessary to become confident in dental surgeries without fear of spreading any infectious diseases or using up precious instruments. This, coupled with affordable price tag, makes this kit a must have for any dentist’s office who is looking for improved patient care and improved efficiency.

    Dr.Park’s Basic Dental Surgery Kit is an ideal solution for dentists looking for a more convenient way to perform minor procedures at their practice or offices – close your patients’ mouths right up so you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything during an appointment! 


    This dental kit is a must have for any dentist’s office. It allows you to perform dental surgeries with confidence and safety without the risk of spreading disease as well as being affordable and durable.

    Dr. Park’s Basic Dental Surgery Kit is a great value and an excellent choice for anyone who needs to perform dental surgery. This kit has all the necessities you would need at your fingertips, including high quality tools like dental pliers, forceps, explorer forceps, various burrs and root canal instruments for regular procedures.

    The stainless steel casings minimize the chance of infection while traveling in remote areas where oral health isn’t up to standard. It also offers many steps in one package so you can save time by doing more than one task at once! If you’re interested in purchasing this product or want more information about it please contact us today!

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