The Osung USA system uses the most advanced fog-free intraoral photography mirror system available to doctors and patients. The dual intelli-fans that circulate air across the mirror’s surface allow for ultraslow shutter speeds so you can capture more photographic detail. Osung utilizes 3 LED lights, as opposed to just one halogen bulb, in order to spotlight details of your mouth and take brighter pictures. Lastly, this soft grip handle features a cordless design for easier storage and use in any room or location.

The FOG FREE INTRA ORAL PHOTO SYSTEM, DMBF-110 is a dental photography device which allows patients to take high quality images of their teeth and gums. At the moment, it’s the only medical imaging device on the market that offers a digital transfer process for images.

It can be used by healthcare practitioners in order to produce an easy to evaluate set of clinical pictures. This has made it possible for dentists all over the world to identify risks at an early stage, including tooth decay, abrasion and gum disease before they even become symptomatic or dental caries are confirmed using other methods. In addition ion diagnosis can be done quickly by dentists who have received appropriate training and skills.

This simplifies dentists’ workflow while reducing doctor-patient direct-transport time, saving them money on pricey parking and food as well as opening hours for evening or weekend appointments. Patients now make better treatment decisions in a timely manner, so they can get back to their lives quickly. Lastly, dentists find it easier to access images at the click of a button which cuts down on their office overhead costs.


  1. The FOG FREE INTRA ORAL PHOTO SYSTEM, DMBF-110 is a dental intraoral camera system that provides an affordable way to take quality photos for documentation and treatment planning.
  2. It has been developed with the latest in digital imaging technology so you can provide your patients with high quality images of their teeth and gums.
  3. This camera system is designed for use by dentists, orthodontists, oral surgeons, and other oral health professionals who need to take clear intraoral photographs quickly and easily.
  4. The FOG FREE INTRA ORAL PHOTO SYSTEM features an integrated light source that eliminates shadows from the patient’s face or mouth.
  5. With its ergonomic design it fits comfortably into your hands while still providing you with a clear view of the area being photographed.
  6. You can also attach this device onto any standard dental chair armrest for added convenience during procedures such as crown placement or root canal therapy where access to both hands may be limited.


  • FOG FREE INTRA ORAL PHOTO SYSTEM, DMBF-110 is a device that helps dentists to take intraoral photos more easily and quickly.
  • The system has an automatic light and camera control function.
  • It also automatically adjusts the focus of the lens for better images.
  • Dentists can use this product for taking intraoral photos in two modes – manual mode and auto mode.
  • When using the manual mode, the dentist turns on the power switch then presses the “Photo” button to take pictures.
  • When using auto mode, the dentist should first set up all parameters before starting with the photo shooting process like exposure time, aperture value etc., then click the “Auto Mode” button to start the photo shooting process (note that when it is used in auto mode, there will be no flash).
  • This system comes with a rechargeable lithium battery which can last about 3 hours after charging full 8 hours; however it may vary depending on different factors such as environment temperature or patient’s condition during photoshoot process etc.; furthermore if you are not satisfied with its performance you can always contact customer service team at any time for assistance.


There are five different mirrors and battery of  FOG FREE INTRA ORAL PHOTO SYSTEM, DMBF-110

1. Fog Free Intra Oral Photo System Mirror #1, Occlusal, DMBF1: Intra oral photo mirror for fog-free system. This product is an occlusal intraoral camera that can be mounted on the patient’s dental chair and has two mirrors to make it possible to photograph both sides of their teeth without having them open their mouth or move. The device provides a premium quality which makes this perfect for dentists who want something durable and mirrored on both sides so they don’t have to purchase another one every time it breaks in order to provide exceptional service.

2. Fog Free Intra Oral Photo System Mirror #2, Buccal, DMBF2: The Fog-Free mirror is a stainless steel intraoral photo mirror for use with the clinical photography system. This product prevents fogging of pictures and provides an excellent reflection in dental mouth photos so that they are free from distortion or fuzziness caused by water droplets on lenses. The durable construction can withstand repeated steam autoclave sterilization if necessary to ensure your equipment stays clean without any risk of contamination!

3. Fog Free Intra Oral Photo System Mirror #3, Occlusal: Eliminate the fog with this mirror! This Fog-Free intraoral photo system is designed for dentistry and features a premium quality stainless steel construction. Its dimensions are 73mm x 139mm x 63.2 mm which will fit in your mouth to provide you clear visibility while ensuring durability against repeated steam autoclave sterilization procedures.

4. The Fog Free Intra Oral Photo System Mirror #4, Lingual: This photo mirror is a must have for any dentist. Its dimensions are 49.5mm x 153mm x 37.4 mm and it comes with stainless steel construction which ensures durability when exposed to repeated steam autoclave sterilization. This mirror has an extra long life due to the fact that both sides of this mirror can withstand being mirrored over again after prolonged use allowing you not only make dental mouth photography easier but also more efficient!

5. Fog Free Intra Oral Photo System Mirror #5, Occlusal Child: Now there is a mirror that won’t let you down! The Fog-Free intraoral photo system mirror has been designed to give dental professionals the clarity they need for accurate charting and diagnosis in any situation including under difficult lighting conditions or during surgery with reduced visibility. This premium quality stainless steel 63mm x 87 mm (2 3/4″ X3 1/8″) intraoral camera offers an extremely durable mirrored surface on both sides so it can withstand repeated steam autoclave sterilization without losing its high level of fidelity when used as directed by professional dentists worldwide.

6. Osung USA rechargeable batteries are perfect for use in your intra oral photo system. These batteries will provide a long lasting power source while keeping your photos fog free. The ergonomic design makes it easy to grip and take photos without the worry of dropping them or forgetting to charge them before they run out of battery life. The long-lasting lithium ion battery is made from premium materials, guaranteeing that you`ll get the longest runtime possible with minimal charging time. With Osung USA’s rechargeable batteries, you can capture every moment without worrying about running out of juice!

How does it work?

The FOG FREE INTRA ORAL PHOTO SYSTEM, DMBF-110 utilizes 3 LED lights as opposed to just one halogen bulb. This allows for a more accurate photograph of the patient’s teeth and gums and thus better diagnosis.

With just one light source, the other features on the X-ray screen (size of teeth or implants) will be obscured by shadows from this main light source. When working with multiple sources you are able to remove this distortion in pictures due to the fact that each point light is a point source which casts nice parallel rays and does not create “distorted” shadows.


Because of the FOG FREE INTRA ORAL PHOTO SYSTEM, DMBF-110 is the latest, most accurate and reliable intra-oral environment for taking dental X-rays. It utilizes a high-definition camera combined with fog elimination software to provide clear, accurate images that can be saved on your computer.

The system also includes other features such as calibration for any patient having an abnormal head shape or dentures and necklaces. The bottom line is that this system will not only give you quality images but guarantee them as well.

This enables the doctor to make sure that there is not any cavities or anything else wrong with the teeth before continuing homecare treatments for other things like toothaches, loose fillings or cracks in teeth. We recommend using this as part of your routine dental care with your dentist because it may be able to detect problems before they become much worse. 


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A new innovation from Osung that will revolutionize the way you brush your teeth. Intense dental care is no longer a hassle with this handy invention! The FOG FREE INTRA ORAL PHOTO SYSTEM, DMBF-110 by OSUNG USA can be used as an in-home treatment or for professional use at clinics and dentists offices to make sure there are always clean tools available on hand.  With their innovative design they have created something that has never been seen before. Now cleaning between clients while also washing away any bacteria left behind during each visit through oral irrigation using water mixed with antibacterial soap solution instead of chemicals like peroxide which could damage healthy tissues over time . This product works great whether it’s being used alone.

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