Dental Intra Oral Photo Mirror

 A dental intraoral photo mirror is a device that can be used to take photos of the inside of your mouth. This type of mirror is typically mounted on a stand and comes with an LED light that provides illumination for taking photos or has a handle for ease of use.

These mirrors are most often used by dentists, orthodontists, and other medical professionals who provide oral care services. The use of an intraoral photo mirror has become more popular in recent years as it allows healthcare professionals to capture images from angles that would otherwise not be possible without turning the head or opening the mouth wide enough to allow room for a hand-held camera. 

This is a tool for use during procedures such as scaling, root planing, flossing, teeth cleaning, etc. because it gives the intraoral specialist an accurate representation of hard-to-reach areas that cannot be seen with typical mirrors or handheld instruments. There are many types available so you can find one based on what you need it for such as if you want one specifically

Benefits of the Dental Intra Oral Photo Mirror Why do I need a Dental Intra Oral Photo Mirror? 

The benefits of using a dental intraoral photo mirror in the dental procedure are numerous and diverse, which makes it worth every penny.

  • You can use an intraoral photo mirror for many different reasons, including diagnosing tooth decay or gum disease.

  • It can be a time saving and valuable tool to use while performing the dental treatment, especially in places that would otherwise be difficult to orally visualize.

  • A dentist should use a mirror when they cannot see into the mouth with their eye, either because of an obstruction or reduced visibility. Maintaining hand-eye coordination is critical when performing procedures on structures within the articulator (such as wisdom teeth), so it’s beneficial for both dentist and patient if they’re able to visually align themselves during the procedure.

  • The intraoral photo mirror is one of the best ways to get instant feedback on your oral health status.

  • The dental intraoral photo mirror helps you see all of your teeth in one glance.

  • It provides an ideal view to assess braces, stitches and other orthodontic details.

  • The dental intraoral photo mirror is perfect for the dentist who likes to multitask during their appointment.

  • Examine areas that would otherwise be out of sight with an endoscope or dental mirror.

  • Single handedly diagnose oral problems such as lumps, cysts, and bone fractures.

  • Save money with an affordable mirror.

  • Allows you to make more informed decisions about dental care.

  • Improve patient experience.

  • Empower the dentist to provide a better, more comprehensive diagnosis.

  • Provides high quality images.

  • Ergonomic design compatible with other dental equipment.

How does Dental Intra Oral Photo Mirror work?

A dental intraoral photo mirror is a mouth mirror designed to be inserted into the patient’s mouth. There are many types of mirrors. Some are stand alone, others come with handles or can be inserted in a kit for Fog Free photography.

Things you should know before buying a Dental Intra Oral Photo Mirror

When purchasing an intraoral photo mirror, make sure it’s compatible with the type of dental equipment you have in your office. Following are some points that you should know before buying a Dental Intra Oral Photo Mirror:


These mirrors are available in both adult (Occlusal, Buccal, Lingual and Lateral) and pedo sizes.


There are a couple of different shapes that the mirror can be designed to be round or oval. Oval mirrors have been shown to work better for some people’s mouths and teeth because they fit more snugly inside the mouth, however round mirrors do not stick out as much from the person’s mouth and therefore some people find them easier to use. Round mirrors also provide a wider view of more teeth at once, while oval ones only show one row at a time.

These mirrors are divided into three types according to their shapes:

  1. Occlusal


  1. Lingual

  1. Buccal

What are the uses of the Dental Intra Oral Photo Mirror?

The dental intra oral photo mirror is used to make photographic recordings of the inside of the mouth.Some of its most popular uses include taking photos of gaps that need closing during orthodontics, before and after photos comparing teeth that have undergone fillings or reconstructions to see tooth progress or checking on new crowns to make sure they are fitting properly.

It can be used to inspect parts that are not accessible by conventional methods or for diagnostic purposes. For these types of applications, it’s also sometimes referred to as a dental endoscope/dental oscope. 

Who should use the Dental Intra Oral Photo Mirror?

The Dental Intra Oral Photo Mirror is designed for patients needing to demonstrate their teeth before and after treatment.

It is used most commonly by dentists during dental procedures. It provides high-quality, high-resolution images with minimal distortion so that the dentist or their assistant can identify and work on specific teeth or structures within the mouth.

Is Dental Intra Oral Photo Mirror worth the investment?

Yes, Intra Oral photographs are a valuable diagnostic tool in the evaluation of a patient’s oral health. 

A dental camera provides a very important role for dentists by enlarging the image so that they can see micro-level cavities or other abnormalities on teeth or the jawbone. It’s great for monitoring disease progression, showing step-by-step details of how orthodontic treatment proceeds.


A dental intraoral photo mirror is the perfect device for capturing images of the inside of your mouth. With its adjustable stand and bright LED light, this mirror provides a clear view from any angle.

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