“What Dental Sickles Scaler do for your practice?”

Dental Sickle Scaler

Dental sickles are typically used for effective scaling and cleaning teeth at the dental clinic. The handle is usually made of metal, plastic, or silicone for a comfortable and non-slip grip.

Dental sickle scalers are small surgical instruments used to clean and shape the chewing surfaces of teeth. The dental instrument is a flat, sharp-edged metal blade with an offset handle for ease of use. Dental sickles come in many shapes and sizes, depending on what they’re being used for. 

A dental sickle scaler is a handy tool for removing plaque and calculus from teeth. It has a curved, sharp blade that can easily reach tight spaces in the mouth. A sickle scaler is an essential piece of equipment for any dentist’s toolkit.

Sickle scalers are available in different sizes and shapes to accommodate the needs of each individual dentist. The most important feature of a sickle scaler is its sharpness. A dull scaler can damage teeth and gums, so it’s important to invest in a quality scaler that will stay sharp over time.

What factors should be noted while choosing a dental sickle scaler?

Scaling tools can be a very intimidating and difficult task if the correct tools are not used. It is crucial that you select the right scaling tool, as it will impact your success in many ways!

Below are some factors to keep in mind when choosing a dental scaler for your practice:

Ergonomically designed

The scaler should come with ergonomic handle designs; otherwise, operator wrist fatigue can be a problem if heavy cleaning is required. Hence an instrument grasp that feels comfortable to use will reduce chances of developing carpal tunnel syndrome which could cause problems while performing daily routine activities.


The scalers are lightweight instruments that shouldn’t tire out the operator. It’s best if they’re light so you can avoid wrist fatigue, which could happen with heavier equipment since it would take more effort from your muscles just lifting these heavy tools around all day!


Scaling tools should be of high-quality to provide patients with excellent care, so it’s important that these instruments come equipped with quality features.

Healthcare professionals should select their scalers from quality material that is lightweight and corrosion-free. Medical Grade Stainless steel products are the best choice in this industry, as they offer durability with lightweight; an important factor when it comes to delicate instruments such as dental scales. Another thing to consider when choosing an instrument is that it should not be made of a material harder than your teeth’ enamel.

Shape of Handle

The instrument handle should be a slip-free design. Such a handle design provides more control, which helps you avoid muscle fatigue in comparison with smooth surface handles that could slip out of your hand if slippery or wet during use.

Operators need tools they can rely on without worrying about their grip; these must also fit comfortably so as not to cause any discomfort when handling them for long periods.

Medical Grade Stainless steel material

Medical Grade Stainless steel is the best material for surgical instrument manufacturing because it has many favorable properties such as corrosion resistance, high tensile strength, and formability. Not only that but stainless steels also have low maintenance which makes them last longer than other materials in use today while being environmentally friendly at the same time!

How to use a Dental Sickle Scaler?

Sickle scalers are an instrument that is used for supragingival calculus. The flat surface and two cutting edges of this tool come together to form the tip, making it difficult to break off during use as well as preventing you from entering too far into your mouth without risk at all sides due solely because they have straight or angled shanks which can be beneficial depending on what type teeth need scaling/renewal more specifically anterior vs posterior tooth size.

The sickle blade is designed with an open angle (80° to 90 degrees) that allows it to cut through tough calculus. This makes the job easier for dental professionals because they don’t have as much work ahead when removing deposits from their teeth, especially if you want them cleanly broken away rather than wear down or chip away gradually layer by layer.

What is the working of Dental Sickle Scaler?

The dental sickle scaler is a handheld instrument that is used by dental hygienists to remove tartar below the gum line, which toothbrush bristles cannot reach. Made of stainless steel, the dental sickle has an oblique edge or cutting surface. 

To remove tartar or plaque under the gum line, the operator grips securely at one end and inserts it at an angle in between teeth where it can easily scrape out calculus deposits which are located against the walls of sockets parallel to (and under) the gum line. These buildup materials are removed utilizing gentle side-to-side motions until all areas are scraped clean. 

It should not cause damage if you use care while operating this instrument; however, some operators may find that blood clots when cleaning out certain areas due to their sensitive nature so they recommend using swabs made specifically for these tasks.

Maintenance of Dental Sickle Scaler

Dental sickle scalers are an essential part of surgery and dental professionals should always be aware that they will need to maintain their instruments. Otherwise, the instrument’s blades can become dull which causes them not to function efficiently during a procedure.

When should Dental Sickle Scalers be replaced?

Dental Sickle Scalers should be replaced when they no longer function appropriately.

The average life of a scaler is six to 10 months. If 20% or more of the instrument blade width has been reduced, it’s time for a replacement.

There are many variables that influence the lifespan of instruments. These include:

  • Frequency of instrument usage per day or per week 

  • The difficulty of patient procedures

  • Number of Sharpening of the scaler tip

  • Metal technology


A dental sickle scaler is a time-saving tool that can help you clean teeth more quickly to improve your practice’s efficiency and profitability. With this device, dentists can remove stubborn deposits from tooth surfaces without the need for filing instruments or complicated instrumentation. This leaves patients with healthier mouths and happier smiles!

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