Extracting Wisdom Teeth with a Dental Extraction Forcep Set

    The forceps are one of the oldest surgical tools that is still in use today. They were invented by an English surgeon named James Syme in 1836, and have been used ever since for a variety of medical procedures. One such procedure is extraction, or removing teeth from the mouth. Extracting wisdom teeth is a common procedure that many people will need to undergo at some point in their lives; it’s not uncommon to see forceps on hand when you visit your dentist!

    A forcep is a type of instrument used in inserting teeth into the mouth. The forceps can also be used when removing teeth from the mouth as well.

    Dental forceps are used to extract teeth during dentistry procedures without any pain. The patient is numbed with anesthesia so he or she feels nothing around his/her gums and teeth.

Sizes of Extraction forcep set

    This dental extraction forcep set from Dental Office Plus comes with an assortment of different sized instruments that can be used for pulling teeth, removing impacted wisdom teeth or other oral surgery procedures. The tips are designed not only for grabbing onto the tooth but also protecting surrounding tissue and nerves so there is less bleeding during the procedure.

Types of forceps:

    A forcep set includes several types of forceps to use on different teeth in your mouth: incisors, premolars, molars etc. There are also forceps designed for specific areas in the mouth.

    The most common type of forceps found in a dentistry office is the extraction forceps. These are used to extract teeth from the mouth, and for this specific purpose they are segmented so that they can be more easily inserted into gaps around top or bottom teeth.

    Two types of extraction forceps are available:

Straight-ended Forceps:

    Straight end extraction forceps have at least one sharp point on its tip edge which aids in entering between tooth surfaces when extracting teeth.

Curved-ended Forceps:

    Curved end extraction forceps remove multirooted teeth (tooth roots) by grasping an area around the root ball and pulling down forcefully to break through attachments holding it in place, such as attachment ligaments (ligaments connecting portions of a tooth to the surrounding bone) and periodontal ligaments (ligaments connecting a tooth in its socket within the jawbone).


  • The dental extraction forcep set is a great tool for any dentist or hygienist.
  • This set includes six different types of forceps that are perfect for removing teeth.
  • Forceps come in both left and right handed models, so you can find the one that best fits your needs.
  • Each pair of forceps has its own purpose, from extracting wisdom teeth to making an incision.
  • These tools are made with stainless steel handles and surgical grade steel tips. 
  • You won’t have to worry about these tools rusting because they’re coated with chrome plating.
  • It includes 24 pieces: 6 forceps, 3 hemostats and 13 tongue depressors all made out of stainless steel which makes them easy to clean between uses as well as sterilize.

Tips for using a Dental Extraction Forcep Set

    The number one tip is to use a lot of lubricant. This will reduce the friction between your grasp on the forceps and teeth surface, as well as any friction that may be occurring with other instruments like light sources or extractions probes.

    Effective extraction of the tooth relies on the forceps being placed correctly, as well as the dentition’s condition. There are two methods for placing a dental extraction forcep set – visible and blind.

    It is necessary to maintain a firm grip on the teeth immediately adjacent to the tooth in order to guide the removed tooth out of its socket.

    The teeth adjacent to the piece that needs removal will often shift slightly when you apply pressure with a forceps. If they sink into their gums again afterwards, they are most likely extracted properly; if stay above their line, pull or force them back into place and then try again.

Common mistakes when using a Dental Extraction Forcep Set

    The three primary mistakes made by dentists when using a dental extraction forceps set are:

  1. Too much force is applied to the extractor, leading to breakage of the tooth. The thickness of the wooden shafts allow twisting and winding them tighter than metal as they press against each other.
  2. Too loose in grip can lead to slippage, resulting in a misdirected or uncontrolled removal of tooth pulp with resultant hemorrhaging.
  3. Lack of pressure from use will not limit success on difficult cases or open area extractions such as cervical/neck regions where quick removal is desired for depth safety and prevention of infection risks.

What are Dental Forceps used for?

    Forceps are commonly found in a dentist’s office and can be used for force extraction, oral surgery procedures, extractions of teeth or any other medical instrument removal.

    Dental forceps are used during extractions to provide a firm grip on the tooth. They can also be used with other instruments to remove both impacted and un-impacted teeth, as well as perform tasks such as root removal or tissue cutting in order to gain access for extraction.

How Dental Forceps work?

    They work by applying pressure to the desired area with their flat tips and grabbing onto objects that they grasp.

    The forceps are inserted into the patient’s mouth and positioned so that the tips of each arm are around a tooth or teeth to be extracted from behind and below – grabbing the roots dentally, removing them with pliers-like gripping action when once tightened by twisting; they then may be destructorized by means of an auxiliary surgical instrument.

Why would you need a dental extraction forcep set?

    The last thing you want is to have a tooth extraction done in your office by someone who has no idea what they are doing. That’s why it is important for dentists to have the right tools on hand and know how to use them.

    A forcep set is a simple instrument that gives the dentist an advantage over their patient. They can ensure safety and accuracy during dental extractions, which will make for comfortable surgery.

    A dental forcep set can come equipped with anywhere from three to thirteen forceps, and most forcep sets have a specialized instrument for every task.

How do I know if I should buy a dental extraction forcep set?

    There are a few things you should consider when deciding what dental forceps set to purchase. One major consideration is level of experience and comfort with dentistry.

    If you are new to dentistry, many consider it best to start with something simpler like a straight tooth extractor or condensing pliers for larger teeth, which can be used in conjunction with small pliers or large curettes for detail work. More experienced practitioners tend to use wider surgical style setups as their preference.

    One more thing that many people might want to know before purchasing an extraction forcep set is knowing what tools they already have on hand from other trades or even from the old days (scraping instruments) since these may be comparable enough for use depending on the person’s preferences.

Where to purchase a dental extraction forceps set?

    If you’re looking for a high-quality dental extraction forceps set, then I’m sure you wouldn’t want to settle for something less than the best.

    To find a provider for dental extraction forceps, you can search online for “dental extraction forceps”. Make sure that the site is credible and state they are legally allowed to sell in your country. To use the listed extractor, place it behind or under any tooth you are trying to pull. Then, twist as hard as possible to release pressure from the tooth.


    I was very impressed with these extraction forceps. They were easy to use and had a great feel in my hand. I would highly recommend them for any dentist office or clinic. The forceps made it easy to pull out teeth and save dentist time.

    It’s also very light-weight, which means it gets the job done fast.


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