Dental Implant Screw Removal Kit- Benefits and Usage

     Dental implant screw removal can be a difficult and time-consuming process, but it doesn’t have to be with the help of this kit. This dental implant screw removal kit contains all the necessary instruments you’ll need for implant extraction. It includes an implant extractor, surgical scalpel blade, trocar needle holder and instrument setter to make sure that your procedure is as successful as possible. The OSR Kit also comes with a guide on how to use each instrument properly so that you can get your job done quickly!

The implant extractor is designed to help you remove implant screws with ease. It features a screw head remover and dental implant support arm for stability on the extraction site side of the implant, which eliminates unwanted torque at the patient’s mouth during surgery.

Components of Osung Screw Removal Kit

Dental Implant screw removal kit is used for implant removal. It has a number of components which are needed to remove dental implant screws and these include:

1. Tap Repair

Consist of M1.6, M1.8and M2.0 .

2. Ratchet Wrench

For abutment hex removal and tap repair.

3. Internal Guide Handle

Used for holding internal guide steady.

4. Claw Removal

Consist of 1.1S, 1.1L, 1.5S, 1.5L (Diameter) claws for removing broken screw inside fixture.

5. Hand Driver

For using a slot driver and claw removal by hand.

6. Slot Driver

For damaged hex of healing abutment cover screw and abutment screw.

7. Abutment Hex Removal

Used to remove octa or broken hex of abutment.

8. Internal Guide

Consist of IH2.4, IH2.5 and IO3.1

It is used with claw removal of diameter 1.1L or 1.5L as guide.

Dental Implant Screw Removal Kit Benefits and Usage

  • The kit is designed for easy and safe removal of dental implants screws.
  • Quick and efficient implant removal process.
  • It removes both the screw and the implant base with ease, saving you time.
  • The kit also has a special extractor that can be used to remove any stubborn screws.
  • Dental implant support arm which eliminates unwanted torque at the patient’s mouth during surgery.
  • It has round-head needles which are gentle on your implant base while providing a sturdy grip for easy unscrewing; you will feel less pain.
  • The kit comes with a step-by-step instruction manual for easy use, which makes it safe to be used by anyone who has the required skillset and knowledge.
  • It’s made of stainless steel which makes it durable and strong yet easy to handle; its design ensures minimal effort needed so as not to injure the implant screw while removing it with the tools in the kit.
  • Used for removing or unscrewing implant screws before making an impression on tooth surface prior to crown placement procedure.
  • The tool has an ergonomic handle that fits comfortably in your hand, allowing you to use it for longer periods of time without fatigue. This makes it ideal for use in oral surgeries where multiple implants need to be removed.
  • The screw head remover allows you to quickly and easily remove the screw heads from the dental implants, making them easier to extract from their sockets. This reduces the risk of damaging any adjacent teeth or gums when removing them.

Precautions when using the Screw Removal Kit

  • Use of the kit should be done with caution. The dental implant screw that is being removed could not have been placed at a steep angle or in an area where it needs to be turned and unturned many times before removal. This would cause breakage, wear out of implant apparatus, bone loss and implant failure.
  • It is not for implant removal or implant surgery.
  • The user must be licensed dental practitioner to use the kit.
  • Do not attempt implant screw removals on your own, call a professional if you are unsure about anything while using this product.
  • Keep it away from children and pets as they may injure themselves.
  • When removing a screw, be sure to use the proper size. If you are unsure of what type of screws your project needs or if they include any specialty types then consult with your local hardware store before proceeding.
  • Make sure all materials are compatible and made for this specific task.

How does Dental Implant Screw Removal Kit work?

Dental Implant Screw Removal Kit stands out in the sense that these screws are made to be removable. This screw is a Travis screw, meaning it has an end with a styled “head” and the other end is threaded into the implant. The removal kit includes two specially designed headless screws with easy-wrench handles as well as all of the original material that was used when installing it in your mouth for absorption or disposal.

Implant screw removal kits are most often needed because somebody has lost their adjacent tooth, making their implant susceptible to injury and eventual loosening from its socket without protection from lateral forces (biting down). 

The removal process can take some time if someone’s dentist closely monitors them to make sure that they pull the implant just enough so it doesn’t break. This is because implant screws are made of titanium, which isn’t as strong or durable as other metals (such as steel), and can be damaged if taken out too quickly.

The working of this kit is based on the principle of torque. There are different components in this kit that help to remove implant screws effectively and with ease.

The process starts by drilling a pilot hole, which is then widened at one end for use as an extraction tool (a drill bit). The other end is flattened so it can be used to unscrew implant screws from implant posts.

The implant is then removed from the post and, once the implant has been successfully unscrewed, a “cuff” or collar is placed over it to protect the implant hole during healing.

This kit can be used for dental implant screw removal as well as maintenance on implants that have already been inserted into patients’ mouth.

Do I need to be worried about anything if I use Screw Removal Kit?

No, absolutely not! The Screw Removal Kit is a replacement for dentists who remove braces, and usually people don’t experience any discomfort whatsoever.

As the screw extraction and removal tool kit is not designed for repairing invasive or non-invasive surgical devices, screws typically should be removed by trained dental healthcare professionals who are properly equipped to handle this process. We recommend that you consult your dentist in order to ensure that procedures have been handled appropriately and safely and always seek advice from your professional dental care team before commencing any self-treatment of teeth.

The Screw Removal Kit – as its name suggests – is designed specifically for removing screws without damaging the edges and giving your head enough room to breathe while also giving your back the space it needs when exposed to this enemy during such traumatically strenuous situations as this.

It might be wise not to perform intensive self-treatment and instead try to get professional assistance.

Who needs a Dental Implant Screw Removal Kit?

The OSR Kit is a must-have for any dental professional who wants to get the job done quickly, efficiently and with no fuss. Not only does this kit contain all of the necessary instruments you’ll need, but it also comes with instructions on how to use each instrument properly so that your procedure will be as successful as possible. If you’re looking for an easy way to extract implants without having to worry about which tool goes where or if what you’re doing is right, then look no further than the OSR Kit!

If you’re in the market for a dental implant screw removal kit, this is worth checking out. The OSR Kit has everything that’s needed to extract an implant with ease and convenience. You’ll never have to worry about being unprepared when it comes time to remove your patient’s old implants because of this handy set! This product will save you time and money by giving your patients back their teeth without any hassle or fuss.

The Osung Dental Implant Screw Removal Kit is highly recommended for implant removal services, dental instrument specialists or general dentistry practitioners and patients alike.

Why you need a Dental Implant Screw Removal Kit?

When you’re ready to do a dental implant screw removal procedure, this kit is for you. The OSR Kit comes with all the necessary tools and instructions on how to use them in order to make your job easier than ever before. With surgical scalpel blades, trocar needles, instrument setters and more included in the package, it’s easy to see why so many people are turning to this product when they need help removing their implants!

Dental implant screw removal kits are used to remove dental implant screws. Osung Dental Implant Screw Removal Kit is a hand-operated product that can be used for removing the implant screw without any damage to neighboring teeth and root surfaces. It also helps in preserving bone structure after implantation. Most of this kit’s components have been made of high quality material and ergonomically designed for removal of implant screws.

The Osung Dental Implant Screw Removal Kit contains an implant wrench, a dental scaler and elevator for extracting the implant screw from overlying tissue without any damage to surrounding tissues, bone structures and root surfaces. This is achieved by applying only moderate amount of force on the implant which can be done effortlessly with this kit’s tools.

Is any side effects of this Screw Removal Kit?

It is reassuring to know that this kit does not have any side effects. The material will resume its original shape (depending on the severity) if a screw needs to be removed from the implant.

If loosening a screw and removing it is done improperly, it can pose serious risks like fracture, infection, or even implant failure. Also if there are significant knots in your residual roots due to bony growths or bone loss, screws may not be able to penetrate through them which could pose another risk of an unsuccessful surgery.

Besides this, Common side effects may include swelling, bleeding or infection where the extraction was performed or at the site of a dental implant. If you experience any other symptoms after the screw removal has been done, it’s important to consult with a doctor.

Where can I buy a Dental Implant Screw Removal Kit?

You can buy this screw removal kit from at a very reasonable price. The kit includes implant removal tools, implant drill with three interchangeable head sizes, implant drilling template and six implant screws in different lengths that can be used for various cases such as removing deep set implants or extracting broken implants from implant site.

Osung USA is your best choice for a dental implant screw removal kit.

Osung USA is a leading supplier of high quality, competitively priced surgical instruments and supplies for the healthcare industry in the United States. They offer only industry standard, FDA approved products that are manufactured to meet stringent standards from leading manufacturers.


This handy, all-inclusive kit contains everything you need to remove broken screws from worn down fixtures. Follow the instructions in the packet and your dentist will be so impressed with how well it went that they’ll start recommending this product for their other patients!

Be sure not to leave anything behind…you don’t want water getting into a socket that’s no longer being used by an abutment screw piece – trust me; I’ve seen some nasty stuff come out of there!

The best time to use these kits is when one has lost an abutment or even if they have fractured pieces left over which are too short. With only teeth lasting as long as 10 years nowadays thanks largely in part to braces and dental implant technology, it’s important to keep your mouth in tip-top shape.

Osung USA is offering their customers a chance to save money on Dental implant screw removal kit by giving them a discount. Offer valid while supplies last! This special promotion ends soon so hurry up before this unique opportunity passes you by!


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