Implant Osung Sinus Lift Crestal Kit is designed to safely and conveniently lift the sinus membranes in the maxillary region from a crestal approach. This kit includes all of what you need for a successful procedure, including implant, hydro-dissection device, syringe driver chamber with mounting plate and needle protection device.

Aqua Lift was developed to help dentists and doctors provide a more comfortable experience for their patients. The product is designed to help reduce swelling and pain in the sinus cavity, making it easier for your dentist or doctor to complete any necessary dental work. Aqua Lift works by adding water pressure that will force air out of the sinuses, which means there’s less room for blood or pus to get trapped inside. It also reduces bleeding from an extraction site, so you can have a better experience with your next visit!

This Kit is easy-to-use; just place it over the tooth being treated and turn on the device. You’ll feel relief almost instantly as all of that nasty stuff gets forced out of your nose.

When it comes to dental procedures, you want to make sure that your doctor is the best in their field. This kit offers patients an easier and less invasive way to get rid of those pesky sinuses that have been causing them discomfort for so long.

How long will it take for me to recover from my surgery?

With the Aqua Lift, you can have a sinus lift in no time! The procedure is performed through an incision in your upper gum.

It’s easy to get rid of that pesky double chin with this new medical innovation! With just one treatment and some home care following surgery for up to 8 weeks after use of the OCA-KIT – which includes electrodes used by dentists on teeth during tooth cleaning procedures – fat will be eliminated from below skin level while improving muscle tone causing saggy neck muscles and loose tissue around jawline.

Why choose sinus lift and crestal approach with Aqua Lift, OCA-Kit over other types of surgeries?

Aqua Lift is an innovative procedure that lifts the soft palate to make more room for a person’s nose. This way you can breathe easier! If this sounds like something beneficial to your condition, then find out if it may be right for you by scheduling a consultation today.

Crestal Approach Kit, OCA-Kit Components

The Crestal Approach Kit is an essential tool for any dentist. This kit contains all the necessary supplies to complete a dental procedure, including tools such as pilot drills and hand adapters which are perfect for repairing cracks in teeth or extracting tooth roots with ease. The entire set includes 12 different pieces that will help get you through your next big job!

These components are:

1. Pilot Drill 1.8

For initiating a pilot hole and marking the bone when determining implant entry position, pilots have been used for centuries to guide drills.

The pilot drill creates an opening in which it is easier for pre-drills to follow its path without slipping or breaking off prematurely. The depth of this small hole can also be adjusted by regulating the pressure applied while drilling with your thumb at any point along the shaft of the tool.

2. Stopper (2mm ~ 10mm)

Sinus Lift Crestal Approach with Aqua Lift, OCA-KIT KIT have different range of sizes to maximize comfort and adjustability. This allows the user a more personalized experience by being able to choose their desired size for both deep and shallow relief.

Sinus Lift Crestal Approach with Aqua Lift, OCA-KIT uses an assortment of 2mm to 10mm drill bits that are specially calibrated so you can customize your fit with ease!

3. A. I. drill

Osung USA is a new device that features an A.I. drill to help users remove sinus membranes. The sinuses have always been one of the most difficult areas in the human body to which surgeons and doctors need physical contact with in order to complete their work, but Osung’s latest invention changes all this by using an A.I. designed drill that will stop automatically when it touches the sinus membrane! This means you can finally breathe freely once again without feeling any tension from surgery or depending on anyone for your health needs! If you are tired of dealing with chronic congestion and impaired breathing functionality, give Osung USA devices a try today- they could be all you need.

4. Cannon drill 2.4

The Osung USA has a reservoir system that accommodates the maxillary sinus, the crista galli, and the clival location. It comes equipped with a Canon drill 2.4 which is used as an initial drill to access the sinus before the use of A.I drill.

    Cannon drill 3.2

Sinus Lift Crestal Approach with Aqua Lift, OCA-KIT is a dental device which employs the Canon drill 3.2 which is used for expanding hole size and healthy drainage to stop breathing troubles.

5. Aqua tap

Aqua Tap is the best for injecting a saline solution or contrast medium into perforated sinuses. It’s perfect for people who are looking to have relief from pain, nasal congestion and bad breath. Sinus Lift Crestal Approach with Aqua Lift, OCA-KIT has been used by many patients suffering from such conditions as chronic rhinosinusitis, allergic diseases of nose & palate mucosa, postoperative ventilation leaks and mucoceles and other airway obstructions in sinus disorders.

6. Hand Adapter

7. Engine adapter

The Sinus Lift Crestal Approach with Aqua Lift, OCA-KIT has an engine adapter which is used for connecting aquatap to the implant handpiece. The sinus lift crestal approach utilizes heavy dental mechanic wrenches and provides more power to remove a larger volume of bone in a single step. The extraction process is difficult but effective for correcting deformations, balancing riding old implants that need removal, preserving biting force and strengthening jaw function.

8. Hand wrench

9. Sensor gauge

Sinus Lift Crestal Approach with Aqua Lift, OCA-KIT is a revolutionary medical device that helps stimulate nasal sinuses by using compression of the spring. The sensor guage helps to check perforation of the sinus membrane by compressing the spring and releasing it to poke the membrane with its probe. This approach minimizes risks associated with surgery, in which people can easily develop infections or inflammation due to invasive procedures. Many patients report instant relief from their symptoms such as coughing and congestion when treated earlier. The device has been clinically tested and compared with other approaches ranging from suction devices, vasoconstrictor or water jet therapy for adults and children alike.

10. Bone condenser

Care for your crowded sinuses with the Sinus Lift Crestal Approach with Aqua Lift, OCA-KIT. This product enables you to access and loosen congestion through an easy and straightforward procedure. It includes a bone condenser which is used alongside dental tools to gently shrink bone material on central maxillary sinus before small incisions are made in the maxillary membrane thus enabling sufficient blood circulation. The improved breathing due to this air lift effect makes this approach very suitable in younger patients where surgery might have more difficult recovery time than implants.

11. Bone carrier    

The bone carrier is the component of the Sinus Lift Crestal Approach with Aqua Lift, OCA-KIT which carries bone material to the maxillary sinus. Uncommon in previous post surgical approaches, recent innovations have made it more accessible from a complicated surgery.

12. Aqua injector

Aquainjector is a device used to inject liquid in the ear canal. It’s made of stainless steel and disposable plastic syringes, which can generate hydraulic pressure strong enough for sinus lift with its design. This tool also serves as an injection method for giving membrane recovery time from strain formed inside where bone grafting volume measurement is possible by injecting slowly into this space on your own discretion!


Sinus problems can be debilitating and painful. But, as soon as you use this nifty product- the Sinus Lift Crestal Approach with Aqua Lift, OCA-KIT – your sinuses will start to feel better almost immediately! The device’s ergonomic design is perfect for reducing swelling of pain in the cavity with a simple push on its button while being used by dentists or doctors who need immediate access.


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