Why you should invest in a Bone Expander Kit?

Many people struggle with weak, painful teeth. Those who are in particularly bad shape might need the assistance of an orthodontist to fix their dental issues. At Osung USA, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve lives and provide relief from pain and discomfort. That is why we created this bone expander kit: BEPD! This revolutionary tool allows individuals at risk for serious dental complications to find achievable solutions without having to resort to surgery or invasive procedures that can be difficult and painful as well as costly. Instead of using metal pins like most traditional surgical treatments, BEPD compresses calcium throughout the jawbone by gently increasing pressure on it from a specially designed rubber roller ball over time – which means no more intense recovery periods.

    The BONE EXPANDER KIT, BEPD is a novel approach to help those living with TMJ disorders increase bone density without straining your wallet. This easy solution has made it possible for people who struggle financially because of their condition the chance at better health and an easier life!

    The kit includes the expander, a specially designed rubber roller ball and an instructional DVD which will teach you how to use it. Clinical studies show that patients who used this device had many benefits such as: increased bone density in just three months with no further invasive procedures needed; relief from jaw pain due to arthritis or other causes; reduction of headaches caused by temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) through improved muscle tone.


  • Skin hooks and needles for the initial insertion of the expander (needles come separately)
  • Extra small, medium or large Bone Expanders to be inserted into bone pockets in order to relieve gum recession or periodontal disease
  • A syringe that can be filled with a sterile

BONE EXPANDER KIT can be used for:

Bone Expander Kit is a multipurpose tool that can be used for

1. Bone Compacting

    Bone compacting is the process of tightly packing materials into an area in order to encourage new bone growth. For example, when someone has a dental implant placed in their mouth, the surgeon might use a kit similar to this one to pack the area and help new bones form from one side of their mouth to attach to the other. Especially for people with lower jawbone loss, it is important not only for preserving facial appearance but also for chewing properly and avoiding speech problems.

    This process has been used by many orthodontists to help with tooth movement. Most often, this type of treatment is given to patients who are already undergoing orthodontic treatment, such as when the teeth aren’t aligning properly or they have an overbite.

    Some treatments consist to use “wires” in order for the patient’s jawbone and maxilla to gradually move into their new position without much pain or discomfort. However, if the problem persists after using this technique but still not getting optimal alignment of your teeth, another option would be bone compaction.

    How does Bone Compacting process work?

    It’s a fairly simple procedure in which an instrument is used to push the broken bone ends closer together (assuming they haven’t been reduced already) so that the new area of contact creates bone growth.

    During this process, pieces of metal expanders are carefully inserted between the two fractured pieces of bone and then slowly pulled apart. This movement expels some carbon dioxide gas that has been injected inside the gap where new bones will form allowing for optimal formation liquid alignment and continuity while also helping to clean any debris from inside the gap. The Kit can be used to compact the bone area for new bone growth.

    Compacted bone is denser and more resistant to the pressure from a tooth extraction procedure than non-compacted (less dense) bone. Compressed surfaces result in less pain for patients immediately after tooth extractions, less bleeding, increased patient comfort and better healing outcomes. 

    Ways of Compressing:

    There are two ways of compressing the area around an extraction site with radiopaque bone wax or through periosteal elevators applied during surgery and then maintained through compression throughout healing. Compacting the extraction site with a radiopaque bone wax promotes osseointegration (the formation of new bone between the implant surface and osseous tissue) by increasing bioactive signals to stimulate growth in response to mechanical stimulation such as chewing or biting.

    How Bone Expander Kit is used in Compacting Process?

    Dentists use the bone expander kit to compact bones together and prepare them for subsequent dental work.

    The dentistry industry has a variety of tools necessary for their profession, such as the bone expander kit which is used to help with preparations before treatments. This tool helps by compressing portions of your jawbone in order to make it stronger so that any other surgical instruments are less likely be damaged during surgery or cause pain afterwards due to lack of treatment needed.

    The bone expander kit is used by dentists to compact the bones in your jaw so that they are stronger for any other procedures or treatments. The tool helps with this process and can also be helpful if you need more space before treatment as it pushes the skin away from the teeth, giving a larger opening which makes dental work easier.

2. Bone Expansion

    Bone expansion is a reconstructive orthodontic procedure that provides more tooth surface area for permanent teeth. This treatment is often done to correct overcrowding of the teeth and problems with jaw growth when there is excessive room (space) in front of the mouth or inadequate space behind it.

    The problem can be caused by genetic factors or may result from too many, too close together teeth at one time, which forces the tongue against the front upper palate during eating. In some cases bone expansion also extends into nearby areas around the skull and face and reduces pressure on nerves near them. It widens enough to improve its cosmetic appearance but not improving chewing ability. The surgery can be postponed until after puberty with a follow-up visit every two-12 months.

    It is a collaborative process that involves the patient placing pressure on tissue within the mouth with slight extension of other tissues. This results in a slight widening of bones which has been demonstrated to be effective in correcting some types of overbite and underbite problems as well as promoting tooth eruption.

    How Bone Expander Kit is used in Expansion Process?

    A bone expander kit (or wire expander) comprises an expandable metal cylinder, tongs, and floss to loop around teeth bars or wires; used for orthodontic therapy. It’s activated by holding it against the maxilla or mandible until it pops open and expands into the appliance thus elevating gums without using any type of forceps or scalpel incision necessary but there are risks such as improper body position.

    The Bone Expander Kit stretches or expands the bone. This enables the subsequent step of grafting or plugging to pack into and fill a void in the newly-expanded space, as well as expander spreading outward between two bones.

    The bone expander kit is used in the expansion process by being placed between the teeth to create space for a dental implant. Prior to placing the expander, the dentists first prepares and then takes an impression of your jawbone. This gives them a thorough analysis of your jaws and helps them find out what needs to be done so that you can achieve optimal results. The dentist’s assessment reflects in how they place brackets on your molar or premolars. These brackets are then used as targets when using which you will keep tightening up until there is enough space to successfully insert a dental implant without causing any damage to either tooth. After this process has been completed, you will need to wear your appliance at least 8-12 weeks.

    The appliance will be a temporary fixture that you wear while your jawbone is being compacted and expanded to make room for the dental implant, as well as once it has healed from any surgery or other treatments. It can also help with protruding teeth when braces are not an option.

3. Bone Splitting

    Bone splitting, also known as splitting or impaction, is the removal of a hemi-crestal section of bone by cutting it longitudinally. Improved surgical techniques have greatly reduced the frequency and severity of these complications resulting in less morbidity to patients with impacted wisdom teeth and should be considered before extraction.

    Improving surgical technique has helped reduce the number and severity of potential risks such as nerve damage, dry socket (also known as alveolar osteitis), ectopic eruption leading to root resorption, periapical granuloma which may cause abscess requiring incision; even though prior studies had shown that better occlusal relations are achieved when teeth are removed than when they remain abutting one another.

    The goal of bone splitting is to completely sever the tooth from its root. You may need to repeat the process for a stubborn or lengthy tooth, but generally that’s it.

    Sandblasting, the technique that appears to be used in most dental offices these days, is actually just a variation of what sandpaper does when you rub it off a surface! A ketone gas atmosphere is created and water solution flows through. The expansion causes pressure against whatever object at one end – this can even fracture rocks (hence how they’re typically used for breaking up kidney stones). So because matching frequency prevents resonance from occurring during use on teeth – all you have left are your pearly whites!

    How Bone Expander Kit is used in Splitting Process?

    Bone Expander Kit is a device that is used in the bone splitting process. The device can be used for two purposes. Firstly, it can be fastened to the dental crown, and secondly, it assists in widening the mouth while working on a specific tooth or teeth. 

    In bone splitting process, this kit is used to stimulate the proliferation of cells and fill up any gaps caused by trauma or surgery.

    Before bending the bones, you should use the correct kit for your particular injury on hand. There are three versions available: high speed, low speed, and mini anvil. Choose the one that is appropriate for your needs before proceeding to bend your bones with a breaking needle until it breaks at an angle that is parallel to bone surface line.

Benefits of using the BONE EXPANDER KIT

    Dentists are always looking for new ways to improve their patient’s oral health and help them achieve a healthy smile. Now, with the advent of bone expander kits, dentists can provide an easier way for patients to expand their jaws and get that beautiful smile they have been waiting for. 

    Dental professionals know how important it is to keep up with the latest advancements in technology so they can better serve their patients. With this kit, dentists will be able to offer an alternative option to surgery while still providing treatment options and achieving positive results!

    The use of dental implants to replace missing teeth can be a great alternative to bridges and dentures, but one downside is that they are more expensive. If you’re looking for an affordable option, we offer the Bone Expander Kit at our office in order to help with tooth loss due to gum recession or periodontal disease. These kits have been used by many dentists all over the world and will give your patient back their smile! 

Benefits of this kit are:

  • Cost-effective
  • Improve stability, maintain bone density and increase fixation
  • Restore anatomy effectively in patients that have low distraction abilities
  • Limb lengthening procedures are more efficient with bone expansion 
  • Surgical site occlusions will be minimized
  • The Bone Expander Kit is a lot cheaper than dental implants and will do the same job. If you’re looking for an affordable alternative, this kit will help with tooth loss due to gum recession or periodontal disease.
  • If you’re a dentist that needs to budget their time and money, this kit is for you!
  • This kit can also be used as part of a comprehensive treatment plan in order to save money on costly implants.
  • This kit is beneficial for patients that are not ready for dental implants.

How many screws in BONE EXPANDER KIT?

    A bone expander kit is an instructional dental instrument that consists of 6 screws, which are used to stretch or expand the jawbone. They generally consist of 6 screws and a mandible holder. The mandible holder is placed at the bottom of your chin and secures the base plate in place with four screws. The top two screws at either side fixate on the cheekbones, while a smaller number (usually 2-3) hold down and widen open the upper teeth, by inserting horizontally between them.

    Bone expansion will never return teeth to their original position but will create space for dentures or provide an initial support for implants before transferring back to normal dentistry procedures are performed on adjacent teeth. Bone expanders can also be used to create space for bone grafting.

    Bone expansion was originally designed to be inserted in the mouth, but now it is more commonly used as a temporary measure before other procedures are performed. This procedure can also restore an individual’s smile and facial features by removing pressure from maxilla or restoring function to damaged teeth or dentures.

Why do you need BONE EXPANDER KIT?

    For people who struggle financially because of their condition the chance at better health and an easier life!

    A bone expander kit is typically required for an oral and maxillofacial surgeon who needs to expand the width of a patient’s jaw. This expansion can be done prior to other procedures such as anchoring implants, placement of fixed or removable dental prosthesis, facial braces and teeth-pulling surgeries. More specifically, the procedure often relieves discomfort caused by temporomandibular joint problems in conjunction with opening space for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

    Expanding a patient’s jaw facilitates improved MRI examination results after surgery. An open mouth is less claustrophobic than compressed lips. This becomes obvious during difficult cases, when children have to be sedated or patients need help from many different experts all at once – such as an orthodontist working with a wide set of braces on someone’s teeth.

    An opening makes you feel more comfortable and able to breathe freely, whereas closed lips create the feeling that they’re suffocating – which is especially apparent in tough situations where children are being sedated or people require assistance across areas like dental care (an example might be working with a patient who has dentures).If you are looking for a way to improve your overall quality of life without surgery, then the Bone Expander Kit is exactly what you need. The kit includes the expander, a specially designed rubber roller ball and an instructional DVD which will teach you how to use it.

    The Bone Expander Kit can be used to lessen the discomfort of having a bone split, or reduce the need for surgery and its associated risks. It is simple and easy-to-use: first, you assemble it by screwing in one side of the specially designed roller ball with your fingers; then insert your finger under any edge so that pressure may be applied without effort on either party’s part.

How does BONE EXPANDER KIT work?

    A bone expander kit is a medical device that can be used to help with orthodontic treatment. It works by expanding the jawbone and tooth roots, which will aid in moving teeth into the desired positions for an improved smile. You might have heard of this tool being called a “stent” or “expansion screw” before; these are all just different names for what is essentially the same thing. 

    Imagine that you’re in a hospital bed for an operation and all of the sudden, your surgeon is telling you about their new device to help with surgeries. The Bone Expander Kit’s design allows doctors to use it without having surgery or splitting bones at all! It means less risks, less pain (if any!), and possibly quicker healing times so patients can come out of surgery feeling like they never had one.

    The bone expander kit has been designed by surgeons not only as a relief measure but also as protection against complications from split bones during operations; its straightforward assembly makes us confident we’ll have better experiences going through the medical process than ever before thanks to this innovative tool!

    This kit will help with healing quickly and comfortably. It comes in two parts: the bone expander, which is screwed onto broken or compressed bones to put pressure on them for a better recovery, and then inflated using a syringe; as well as an endoscope that can be inserted through pierced skin into cavities of specific organs.

    This innovative medical device offers one way to heal from many different types of injuries by putting pressure on fractured bones while also preventing harmful materials like dirt from getting inside those areas.

    In addition, this bone expander Kit has four different sized options which makes it ideal if you’re unsure of what size would work best- don’t worry because we’ve got something here!

Who should use Bone Expander Kit?

  • Dentists looking to prevent gum recession or periodontal disease
  • Periodontists looking to relieve gum recession in a cost-effective way
  • Patients who are not ready for dental implants

Is Bone Expander Kit safe to use on your teeth?

    Yes, it is a safe alternative to treatment that requires you wear isolation for months and full mouth rehabilitation after the procedure. This kit comes at very affordable price and it also avoids long healing time as well because there are no sutures involved in the process.

    Expanders are used to gradually stretch or dilate the jaw bone in order to help create space for dental implants and prevent surgical dentistry from being needed. They’re very true to their name, they just expand a certain area of the jaw and help increase the volume – something we all want as we get older!

    An expander can be made using two pieces of metal that are attached together (sometimes with a screw) and then inserted into the gum tissue until they reach bone where they will slowly push against each other over time. This continual pressure stretching process causes an increase in volume of bone between them – this process is called creep formation or osteogenesis exuberant. The control group should receive an implant alone.

    When your jawbone heals and the space between your teeth grows back, your dentist will place stronger wires across the two sections of healed bones to gradually straighten the top arch of your mouth. The beauty of this treatment is that it’s reversible at any time before permanent wire placement.

Who should not use Bone Expander Kit?

    The product is not recommended for people with a history of malignant or chronic osteolytic bone disease, or those who have been treated within 2 years for active orthopedic or neurological disorders. It is also not recommended for people with recent surgery that has left them debilitated. For these patients it may be necessary to postpone treatment until their medical condition improves. The product should also not be used by pregnant women. Therefore, caution should be exercised when deciding whether the bone expander kit (or other dental equipment) should be used on any individual patient because each person’s situation varies in terms of anatomy, diagnosis and underlying medical condition or procedure. A physician such as a dentist may need to rule out contra-indications.

Is Bone Expander Kit has any side effect?

    Typical side effects include peri-implantitis, mucositis, tooth sensitivity to extreme temperatures, and gum recession.

    This is of course highly dependent on individual circumstances but it’s always prudent to be aware of possible consequences. Many people don’t experience any side effects at all, however these are the most commonly reported ones when they do occur; they can come about post surgery or even months afterwards in some cases. If you’re considering a dental procedure such as this one and would like more detailed information please contact your dentist for advice tailored to you.


    Bone Expander Kit is very helpful in implant surgery. This kit is a must-have when it comes to dental surgery. It will make your bone expansion orthodontic implant surgery fast, easy and economical!

    It speeds up the process by expanding the bone with pressure waves which are provided in this kit while also protecting it from being broken or cracked during expansion therapy.

    Bone Expander Kit has been found in many different studies to be very helpful for those who need any type of oral surgical procedures done on their mouth or teeth. This kit makes the process go by quickly with less discomfort so that you can recover faster than ever before!

    This is a perfect kit to have in your dental office or clinic!

    You can purchase this Bone Expander Kit on osungusa.com today and we will ship it out as soon as possible. Don’t miss out – get yours now!

    For more information you may visit the website of Osung USA


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