Introducing Osung USA’s Sinus Membrane Lifting System – a revolutionary approach to sinus problems, especially if you have had issues with other remedies in the past. This is an innovative and convenient solution that will power through infected areas without damaging surrounding tissue.

It can be used to drill holes in the bone of your skull. The way this system works, it’s composed with a special Drill programmed to react automatically when pressure is delivered on the tip of its head – by drilling into place and lifting up membranes around sinuses without any need for human intervention!


This patented technology eliminates any need for manual control and offers fast drilling speed while providing precise movements. Osung USA provides effective relief by improving drainage through natural percutaneous (through skin) access to chronically blocked or infected sinuses in an outpatient setting without surgical intervention.

It is a vacuum assisted mini surgical procedure that involves the elevation of the anterior portion of a displaced midface.

The goal of this surgery is to improve breathing and remove sensation pressures from the vocal cords creating hoarseness or tightness in your throat. This can be achieved by inserting a small channel under bone which then creates blisters by applying an incision less vacuum technique. It also breaks down scar tissue on the surface layer and places compromised skin in more appropriate positions for future recovery; all within one procedure!


  • It is a minimally invasive procedure that uses the latest in surgical technology to help patients with chronic sinusitis, nasal obstruction, and other related conditions.
  • It’s designed for  surgeons of all levels of experience.
  • The kit includes everything needed to perform the surgery including hand-held instruments and an instructional DVD
  • Available from OLA Medical Devices, Inc., this device provides relief for those who suffer from chronic sinus issues!

Benefits of going through surgery versus not doing anything about your sinuses:

The benefits of going through surgery are less nasal blockage, less sinus headaches and pressure, and a major reduction in the risk of developing cancer.

The two worst things about not going through surgery will be more chronic sinusitis episodes, because you’re trapping bacteria that would otherwise get cleared out by brushing your teeth or nose blowing, as well as an increased risk of developing cancer. If you have severe allergic rhinitis (often found among people with hay fever) then one of the primary treatment options is to avoid allergens by staying inside on high pollen days. Other considerations when deciding how to deal with allergies include avoidance and immunotherapy injections, such as allergy shots or sublingual drops taken under lip mucosa.


  1. Lateral A. I. Drill
  2. Contra angle shank
  3. Burin bur
  4. Wide burin bur
  5. Aqua-lifter
  6. Sinus Lift Instrument 4종
  7. A.I. Drill Dismantler

The system is composed of a special Drill designed to react automatically when pressure is delivered to the tip of the drill.

How does it work?

Sinuses can be difficult to remove, as the sinus walls are thin and delicate. With OLA-KIT, there is no need to cut open a patient’s galssys or pull out their teeth. The patented design of the tool automatically reacts when pressure is applied on both sides of the nose, enabling you to drill through with minimal force needed. Once drilling has concluded, remove one side and carefully pull out any object inside with sterile medical gloves regardless if it’s bone or an organ like cholesterol from obesity studies.

This  lateral approach is revolutionary in the field of sinus surgery because it makes for more precise, less invasive procedures than traditional techniques. The kit allows surgeons to access and operate on all areas of a person’s nasal cavity without having to go through any other parts of their body first.

Simplifying surgery in this way allows physicians and surgeons to perform operations more efficiently than before, giving them more time to serve their patients.

A 30-second installation process sets up this device for use by preventing wobbling without adding measurable extra weight, offering significant benefits over other devices in its class. Combined with an articulating clamp which offers surgical versatility through five adjustment points.

Who should use this KIT?

  • Patients who need to undergo surgery for the removal of adenoid tissue in the nose where both lateral walls of the cavity are free, or minimally scarred from prior surgeries.
  • Patients who have difficulty holding their tongue back during a procedure.
  • Individuals with an obstructive paranasal sinusitis when they can retain their CO2 for 10 minutes
  • Adults with chronic sinus infection where adenoid tissue is found to be blocking the sinuses.
  • An individual with osteomyelitis which has entered nasal passages and spread to Meckel’s cave (the pivotal point at lower skull)
  • A person needing posterior maxillary wall reconstruction or rebuilding due to previously removed jawbone and socket area.

Where can I purchase this kit and what is the cost?

Sinus lift lateral approach OLA kit has been a desired product both in the US and Overseas for many years. Sinus lift lateral approach OLA Kit is a famous dental implant among both general dentists and specialist dentists like medical orthodontist or maxillofacial prosthodontics. It’s less invasive than one-step surgical technique, eliminating trauma to soft tissues in patients’ mouth while preserving bone height around anatomic landmarks and widely used as tooth transplantation treatment worldwide because it offers “gold standard therapy”.

Is the Sinus Membrane Lifting System Right for Me?

Yes, this treatment is right for you if you have a large amount of nasal turbinate that blocks sinuses and narrows the breathing passage. It is the fastest, safest, and most predictable way to clear mild-to-moderate chronic sinusitis. No other therapy can give you all of that.

The extraction process is a lot easier on your body than maxillary sinus surgery. It’s great for people who don’t want any surgery at all!

With this procedure, you get a palate of natural teeth that feels just like your own. It gives you an experience with tissue properties found in natural teeth so it will feel as if they are yours!

Possible side effects of  this product and what you should do if they occur?

There are a few possible side effects of sinus membrane including irritation, dryness, or tearing. If you experience any of these symptoms it is advisable to see your dentist so that treatment can be prescribed if needed.

It is important to clean the area as well by using saline solution and not neglecting its grooming needs such as brushing teeth and with usage of mouthwash. Patients should wash their hands before touching their eyes. Other helpful home remedies include blowing one’s nose gently, taking some deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth for a count of 10 each, staying out from avoiding odors which may irritate the sinuses.


The Sinus Lift Lateral Approach is a minimally invasive procedure that uses the latest in surgical technology to help patients who experience chronic pain, nasal obstruction, and other related conditions.

The SINUS LIFT is the ultimate way to reach high, hard-to-reach areas. Using an innovative lateral approach kit (Ola Kit), this patented technology eliminates any need for manual control and offers fast drilling speed while providing precise movements.

OLA-Kit is the latest innovation in medical technology. OLA Kit is a new innovative product that will get rid of sinus and ear related problems. It’s composed of a special drill programmed to react automatically when pressure is delivered on its head by drilling into place and lifting membranes around sinuses without any need for human intervention! Ola Kit can be used as an alternative treatment option for treating chronic pain conditions such as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) or migraines headaches.

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